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  1. I'm loving the 1st Trumpet part alot, because I can wail on high C's like nothing, and I can cap them, up to doubles too. The fun part is that i'm just a 16 year old and can already play double C's, so the regular high C's would be no problem for my band at least. I was just doing them plently for a musical this weekend, and I saw this, and got my Trumpet out and started playing through it, and it's pretty fun. I play all the wind instruments in my band, so it's pretty fun reading through all this on all my instruments. Please, if you can, remember to send this to me when you are done, so my band can use this, i'm sure they'd love it. Plus this reminds me, I need to finish the score for my Kingdom Hearts Band arrangement. If you need help with the percusion parts, I can do Drumline and Aux Perc. stuff, just tell me how many of everything you have. IE Bass Drums, Snare, Quads.
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