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  1. Look if you can't afford to pay your hosting bills, then I'm sure if you looked into sponsorship or something that you could find a way to keep the site afloat. I've noticed that EA likes to buy up smaller companies... DJP, you should give them a ring.
  2. Guys. GUYS. It attacked OCRemix. Check the front page. http://www.ocremix.org
  3. Hrrrrrrm... I kind of glossed over the dramarama from the past few pages, and am almost hesitant to post now, but here goes. I liked their clips, so I figured for $9 downloading the album would be worth a shot. And I like it! And I wanted to see if folks around here had heard of it! And yes they had! Oh had they.
  4. My arms are in an exquisite pain right now. That's what I get for going all out on the weights Wednesday and Thursday after a six month-plus hiatus. Nonetheless Week 1 was a success. My schedule works out very nicely for heading to the gym in the mornings before class, which is helpful. Last semester I found myself too pushed for time to head to the student act in the mornings.
  5. Does Smoke still post birthday cake pictures in these threads? I don't hang around these parts enough anymore...
  6. So, after a semester of laziness, I'm going to start up working out again. Good thing too, because I've regained all the weight I lost since I started this up last May. Luckily my schedule this semester allows me to go to the university gym every morning easily enough, so the plan is to run or use the elliptical for 30 minutes each weekday, and lift weights each weekday as well. I weigh 205 now. I really should find out what percentage body fat I have, though, because if I'm building muscle from the weights, then weight isn't a good metric for my progress.
  7. So, I have a friend who's spending a semester in England working for the US Embassy there as an intern. She's asked me a few times to come up with something for her to get me from Europe while she's over there. Until just a few moments ago, when I realized she could buy me a DS game, since it'd work on my North American DS. But, here's the trick. Are there any good DS games not released in America that are available in Europe? The only one I could think of off-hand was that Tingle game, but I'm not sure I'm man enough to ask her to buy me a game called "Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeelan
  8. Or receiving them, anyway. Amazon has this nifty new feature where you can add links to anything on your Wish Lists. I actually started listening to Zircon's Antigravity album a few minutes ago, and it made me think that I should add some albums by OCR artists to my Amazon wish list. It may be too late for me to get some of them for Christmas, but at least if they're on my list I'll eventually get around to purchasing them... or there's always my birthday. (Well, in July. Haha.) I've had the OneUps Volume 2 MP3 download on there for a bit, but what other OCR artists have albums for sale on
  9. Steben


    Breaking it down a little more... Take e^(xi) and turn it into its Taylor series expansion. By computing the i-part of each term (i^0=1, i^1=i, i^2=-1, i^3=-i, etc.), you can then rearrange stuff like above. You get the Taylor expansion of cos(x) plus i times the Taylor expansion of sin(x). Plug in pi for x and you get cos(pi)+i*sin(pi) = -1 + i*0 = -1.
  10. Steben

    Mother 3

    OKAY, so. Thanksgiving break was good to me. I put in about 25 hours of playtime into Mother 3 in three or four days and beat it. Some thoughts. On Flash Cards I never would have purchased a flash card if Nintendo had just localized Mother 3. I have to wonder how many people were driven to piracy by Nintendo's neglect of the English-speaking Earthbound fanbase. Because now that I've beaten Mother 3, there's definitely that temptation to use my new powers for evil... (Although why anyone would pirate Chrono Trigger DS without paying for it also is beyond me -- I like to encourage good behavi
  11. Steben

    Mother 3

    My flash cart came in today... I let a friend borrow my DS so he could play Phoenix Wright, though, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow at least to see how it works. *excitement*
  12. Steben

    Mother 3

    Thanks so much for this. I've ordered an M3 DS Real bundle, so hopefully I'll be able to get Mother 3 up and working on my DS in the near future.
  13. I'm glad to see people have picked this up even when I haven't been around to push it myself. Year #1 of grad school is kicking my butt currently, but I really should reevaluate my schedule and find some time to exercise... I was running at the beginning of the semester, but eventually kept running into conflicts, since the only time in the morning (aside from waking up before 6:30 -- never going to happen) I had was between classes. What this probably means is that I need to be working out in the evenings... but then it's dark out, so I'll need to go to the Student Activities Center, which i
  14. Steben

    Mother 3

    QFE... I'm afraid I'm pretty clueless when it comes to homebrew. Is there any straight-forward tutorial out there which would explain what I need to buy and do in order to get Mother 3 running on my DS Lite?
  15. What. I'm very confused as to how you could find Facebook more annoying than MySpace. The entire interface is so much cleaner, and I don't have to listen to your crappy music when I visit your profile. This post creeped me the heck out, because I was just about to post something along those lines when I realized I already had. Two years ago.
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