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  1. Original Remix I don't normally try to categorize my music, but if it helps, I'd have to say its trance of some sort. But yeah, just looking for some feedback/criticism.
  2. Original Remix I'm thinking this might be too different from the original, but I guess we'll see.
  3. Alright, 1st update: Based on what you guys said, I: - Upped tempo slightly to 127 (don't really like it much higher) - Filtered the opening pad to make it less "saw-like" - Changed the gate near the ending to something different - Changed around the last 20 seconds to try and do something about the background noise Otherwise, I just made a bunch of EQ tweaks and messed around with some more automation. A couple of really minor changes in the arrangement, too. I'm probably going to compress the kick a little more, didn't do it this time around because apparently I've been listening to this with the bass boosted. I guess that's it for now, thanks everyone.
  4. Not entirely done yet, but pretty close to what I want.
  5. Yo sup -x-; First of the two remixes, the Icecap one, is an old one I had worked on about half a year ago. Not really looking for a lot of criticism on how to improve this one (don't let that stop you if you really want to), mainly just wanted to know what people thought of it. By the way, it's a hardcore/gabberish track. And here's the remix: Click here~~ The second one, my Desert Palace remix, is the track I'm actually working on at the moment. For this one I was going for more of a trancey happy hardcore style, at least that's what I'd like to call it. Something I'm debating for the time being is the saw that comes in at 0:35, and that's whether or not to: keep it as it is, change it to a different sound, or remove it altogether. Also, please note that this one isn't finished, which means that there is no ending as of right now. Without further ado, the remix: Click here~~ And for those who aren't familiar with the originals, MIDIs: -Icecap- -Desert Palace- Now let's hear what you think ^^
  6. Been lurking here for about a year, and now i'm getting to work on some stuff. Greets