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  1. Oh god, remixes of my favourite tracks: Dry Trail, Like a Glint of Light, Shihna's Theme, Presea's Theme? Where do I sign up and when can I hear these?!
  2. Burnt and in my car. Best remix I have heard of this song to date. When the grinding buildup comes in around 3:00 I just die. I usually rewind and play this part over again in my car every minute because I'm a sucker for it. Hot in both respects, that's all I've gotta say.
  3. I registered just to post this, so I'm gonna toss in my two cents. Lava Reef is my favourite song from any Sonic game, period. I have every remix of it I can find, good or bad. Personally my favourite so far has been Jivemaster's remix of it, but this one is a really close second. I'm not a professional musician and I haven't sung since All State Madrigals many years ago, so take my opinions with a grain of salt. First, I think this remix really portrays the feeling - I can only assume as I wasn't there - of the night that these remixers had together. I don't think it's kind or that this is the place to deaden this expression by picking fights with them. Secondly, I really enjoyed it; but it could be because Pixie's style of vocals is something I've been trained in since I was younger, though not as extensively as she. My final verdict is that I love this song and its expression. I'll be looking for more awesome collab-work from you guys in the future!
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