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  1. Properly excellent. The instrumental arrangement here is spot-on in complementing the selections in this remix. The result is something that maintains the integrity and improves upon it--no mean feat given the quality of the original score.
  2. This album... One is actually rendered speechless, but I will try anyway. I have heard individually excellent tracks on OCRemix before: some deserving of high praise, to be sure. As a professional musician, I have turned a critical eye (or ear) on each album produced, and each album produced has had its gems. But without wishing to take away from anything that has gone before, this album is like nothing OCRemix has ever produced. Indeed, I would go so far as to say--having been a ravenous devourer of remixes since I had to import them from Japan back in the 90s--that I struggle to think of an album of such quality in any sphere, professional or 'amateur'. These are not merely individually excellent tracks. The composers involved have produced a work of true brilliance--not mere competence, but stunning, jaw-dropping exceptionalism. Balance and Ruin ought to go down in history as the highest accomplishment of the genre. If anyone ever points to game music remixing's 'Abbey Road' moment, this must surely be it. Well done.
  3. Easily the best OCRemix Album Project ever released. Curious: Are there any plans to do Final Fantasy VI Advance (GBA) versions of the remixes? I'd be happy to plunk down a few hundred thousand dollars for that. Thanks!
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