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  1. Ok, so, I played a lot last night and found that a) You can't do multiplayer while on a main quest, so I had to finish that, and B) with your multiplayer portal open, you can't turn in requests or advance the clock. So how about this? Turn on Ally Mode which lets you connect to someone and chat with them. Both people have to set that up (turning it on in general and choosing to connect with specific people on your friends' list) before you can send messages, I think. I've done that on my end. Then, when we're both on, we can use Ally Chat to coordinate and someone can open a portal.

  2. What level are you? I'm somewhere around level 14 and focused on unlocking all the lives rather than sticking to just one for now, so I'm apprentice rank in all of them and haven't been farther than the entrance to West Grassy Plains.

  3. Will do this evening. I haven't actively played since Tuesday night though; I've left the game on because I saw there was a Bliss reward for having played for 1,000 hours, and since there's no way the game should take that long otherwise, I've just left my 3DS open and let it run. I'll do multiplayer tonight though.

  4. Your Scyther wanted to learn a couple new moves, so I dropped Quick Attack and Leer; hope that was the right choice. If not, I'm so sorry, and I'll do the trade again whenever you need. Should've thought to ask about moves before we started; this is the first time I've traded with anyone beyond Wonder Trade

  5. Nevermind; payback's on a TM so no big deal if you don't learn it now. I left him alone

  6. He wants to learn Payback; do you want me to have him learn that, and which move should he forget? He's got Hypnosis, Confuse ray, Curse, and Shadow Punch

  7. I'm at work all day, so any time after 7:30 PM EST will be fine. I'll add you and send you a message when I see you on.

  8. I did indeed. Hope you like it, and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

  9. Did your Secret Santa gift arrive yet?

  10. A job's a job, though. I'd still say COBOL's more a real language than some others *coughvisualbasic*cough* And if it's any more exciting and fulfilling than my job, it doesn't matter that it's COBOL and not C++, it's a good thing :)

    Not surprised that you're a mathie-turned-coder; all through school we could pick out the female mathies vs. CS students because the CS students were all Asian

  11. Female programmers rock and the world needs more of them :) Do you have a job yet after graduating, or are you still looking?

  12. I PMed you a couple days ago about Chrono Cross. You get that? I know people have had issues with the PM system.

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