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  1. Wonderful, he combined the levels I loved, and turned them into a kickin' song. He deffinately could've gone longer with this one, as each level didn't get enough fun in the sun, but on the bright side, it leaves you wanting more, and also, it leaves you wanting to hear it again. The ending though, was great. I like how all of the levels seemed to head up into the final part, which is Spark Mandrill's stage. Yet, in my opinion, if he hadn't have ended it with the drums going into the verse again, it would've felt more complete. Instead, it feels slightly "Cut off". Yet, I can't take this song
  2. Very good song by AE, and the ending was awesome. First time I heard it, I thought my CD player was skipping, and started shaking it a little, but then I realized it was part of AE's song. Gotta love Megaman based techno, and especially long techno, but the cool thing is, AE stayed creative through the whole song, which is admittedly hard. However, don't stop working at it, AE, or you might lose your touch.
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