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  1. I notice that the piece I'm working on sounds very different depending on how I listen to it. With speakers and a subwoofer, the bass is much more enjoyable, but with headphones, the bass is much weaker and changes the whole feel of the song. My cheap headphones have virtually no bass at all. There are also other nuances with each format that are different. What system should I optimize my music to? If there's no real answer, what way do most people listen to music?
  2. All of the circuit stuff I learned from Physics class is coming back to me now V = IR... Thanks guys, I'll take a look at 'em.
  3. On all programs there are volume meters for the track, and also a master one. It's got the little bars bouncing around when you play the song. If it goes too loud, it leaves a red box lit at the top which goes away if you click it. (I hope someone can broaden my vocabulary ) This is a bad thing, right? Is it telling you that the track is too loud for the program to output perfectly? Because when it happens, my piece starts to get staticky. So I want to readjust things so there's no static. Do I have to lower every single track until the proportions are right and then turn up the volume, or is there an easier way to do this? It'd seem logical if they had a way to automatically readjust the scale of things to make them work normall again.
  4. 55? Mine says 600 ohms. They seem to work pretty well. The volume is about just right with the computer settings turned all the way up. But I can't get any louder than this.
  5. Thanks! But when I plug them into my computer I can't really adjust the volume. Even if I pull the volume control settings all the way up, it's still kinda quiet. Is there some way to make it louder?
  6. I just bought a used pair of AKG K240 headphones, and it's my first "expensive" set of headphones. When nothing is playing, I get really quiet and subtle staticky noise. It doesn't bother me, but is it normal? Also, a big problem is that whenever I play something with a piano in it, if the piano is playing any non-bass notes somewhat loudly, there is very noticeable static. It seems to only happen with pianos. Is that something fixable? My headphones are connected through a set of cheap speakers. Do those speakers make any difference, or will it sound better if I just connect it directly to my computer? If I do, is there any way to increase the volume (since there's no knob on the headphones)? My old cheap pair of headphones had similar problems. Maybe it's the computer? Also, what I find odd is that when I do something like move the mouse, the ambient static changes a little. So if I move my scroll wheel, the static becomes a little different, and when I flick my cursor around, it changes too. Is this normal? Are my headphones just messed up or is it something that has to do with my computer itself? Thanks for your help guys.
  7. Just don't play WoW for 3 months, and you'll save $45.
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