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  1. wait...wait a sec there, timeout. ff7 ripoff??? are you insane? the only thing it capitalized was the fact that it was also an rpg. that's pretty much it. other similarities are due to common rpg plot twists. with that said i have to say thanks to everyone that's been following this thread and keep up the good work so we can have plenty of lod remixes
  2. ah...that's cruel dude, very cruel. but alas i guess i will have to make due with waiting
  3. omg, regardless if this gets accepted by the panel i'm so pleased by the results of this mix, for other songs that can be remixed that have a smooth calming ambience i would suggest the following: world map 3 ending requiem twilight of rose dragon killed in action sorrow together in peace with you peace between hills grassy plains (or if you're feeling ambitious enough to try a vocal mix) if you still believe my ideas of soothing may be a bit diiferent than other people's, but all of them i would consider being a good mix is in there
  4. actually there has been other attempts, but alas i couldn't download the other one i saw, from what i take note is that it's hard to make it sound different than the original
  5. it would be hard for any remix not to be a tease because it's fairly hard to make a decent remix and even harder to make one that would be accepted by the judges panel
  6. hey even if it doesn't end up on the site, it is still a remix therefore it will be an incredible improvement. besides, maybe the judges will be lenient since we don't have a LoD remix yet
  7. we might want an update soon dude, just to see how things are going
  8. if i had the luxury of choosing which songs had to be remixed i would choose those as well, but as a LoD lover i have to stay impartial because at this point any song from LoD would be an improvement
  9. i noticed that this thread alone prompted 3 new members at least, so i must not be the only one who is thinking that a few LoD remixes would be awesome. we have 1 person for sure seriously trying to make a decent remix, but i think we can do better. feel the love people and if you have the skills to remix, than by all means do it and help make the music of LoD be known.
  10. we should start a club against aerith...tifa's hotter anyway (as long as you overlook the fact that they are only computer graphics)
  11. the melody almost has to be the same, otherwise it pretty much is a different song, but crust does make a point that it has to be a bit more "original." granted with what you're trying to do it isn't quite as easily done compared to say a techno remix, but more emphasis on certain instruments or use a different family of instruments will make things a bit more flamboyant
  12. for as long as this game is we could theoretically turn this into a project (assuming there were enough people interested which from the amount of replies is a no)
  13. ooooh i like the mille seseau theme, it makes me sleepy send links!!! XD and aerith didn't do enough damage that early in the game to fully utilize her in a party (forgive the earlier stated aeris comment i made i keep forgetting the translation error) if she managaed to live until later in the game then she would be useful beyond compare...but unfortunately she didn't (i still cry watching her die though, so please don't confuse me with a aerith hater)
  14. LAVITZ WILL NEVER DIE!!! HE'S THE MALE HETEROSEXUAL EQUIVALENT TO AERIS, BUT ACTUALLY USEFUL TO THE PARTY!!! ok now that i got that out of the system, i have yet to see any remix of LoD since i pretty much use this site exclusively for remixes it would be tough to make a sequel to LoD, however i can definately see a lot of possibilities for prequels (don't get me wrong a sequel is not out of question by a long shot). i can see a prequel of the original dragon campaign, i can see alternate scenarios like a rogue wingly who wants to side with the humans, the dragoons previous to the ones mentioned (could say that the dragon chooses the dragoon) there were dragoons no one knew about (say like there were many MANY different types of dragons, but the ones that had the dragoon spirits were more easily tamed), etc.
  15. omfg that would be awesome, 10 points on the respect score for both of you, but i'd rather see lavitz leave a bastard son, that would seem cooler to me
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