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  1. i'd hate to tell you this, but the site won't except songs from trailers. sorry, man. But, you may get lucky and they might put this song in the game, or at least the melody
  2. hey buddy, beginning sounds a little too devived from the pentatonic scale, most of the instruments sound very midi, which this site hates. I suggest if your really serious about being accepted, you should get an accomplished pianist and a local orchesta (that's what im doing in mine). I can't really remember the real song so i can't tell ou if it's too free or not free enough. Nothing that really catches my interest in this song, kinda repetative, might i suggest a modulation with every repeatied motif (similar to john Williams Across the Stars love theme of star wars, a great tune that i relate a lot of orchestral remixes to). Even though the theme is repeated several times, it still retains its interest with the modulation. good luck
  3. maybe you should make an attempt at the mix, i would, but i got one work in progress and one movie without a score so maybe a raincheck, maybe. (this is not the easiest thing to remix.
  4. Is crust correct, i mean, the melody is kinda the same, but i thought i added a bunch of stuff. i guess ill make a few more drafts and add some filler to add variation thanx for the comment tho. to seph, i'd like to be in a project, but projects are usually big industry games that already have a million remixes on the site. If you did make a project, i would be more than happy to be a part of it.
  5. just give me sheet music and ill play anything.
  6. i loved that stupid game, rescuing the dumb dragons used to be my life. I don't really remember the original, but this one was really enjoyable, i really liked the piano sounds, and it has a good solid arragment. Good work man
  7. just find an upload site and post the link to the mp3. I don't know one off the top of my head, but there is a decent upload site in my wip of lengend of dragoon. Looking foward to hear your mix
  8. people don't respond unless alot of people viewed it, ill contribute tho cause i've been there. the mike has too much high frequnecies, in order for this to be accepted, it has to have a melody of a vg. Anyway, the sylables (i can't spell) seem really forced to fit, your rapping lacks true emotion and i think that's what sells records. the beat isn't bad, and the end seems really ignorant, kinda like people cant have opinions on what seems to be your art. Also, the vocals are incredibley dry, most tracks ive heard have the vocals filled with effects and equalizers. In all honesty, i never really liked rap with a very few exceptions, but this song just isn't for me. Im sorry, but i think you should retool.
  9. thanks, coming from you, that's alot (i'm a big fan of your work). anyway, i'm thinking of a live recording with a small high school ensamble.
  10. anything i can do, like convert it to some other file or something?
  11. worked fine for me, just scroll down to the bottom and it says Download Link: dart 3.mid btw, its not much different than the thing i sent you
  12. is this still open for ideas cause i love metal and i am a "master bass"
  13. could you just list them, i don't have something that opens rar and i have a website that has all of the tracks somewhere in the forum. I would love to here your opinion tho. Also, for those of you that are oblivous to the wip, dart's theme has been up there for about 2 days without so much as a reply.
  14. not much of a fan of techno or sonic but ill try to help drums are really repataive. usually, there's an extra eight note on the fouth beat in techno. not much of a bass you got there, it sounds like a low pitched saw. aragments not bad, the harmony is great, and so are the effects. What i think you should work on is making the prelude/breakdown (i don't know the real name) a little more interesting, like a little cathier melody or something because i find it a little repetaive. Also, try to expliot the melody a lot more to make it longer. But my main complant has to be the bass (or lack of). good work tho.
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