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  1. Yes, this is a spoiler, I have just posted the name of a city. It's the name of the city and not a dungeon or item or walkthrough. I can't tell you any other way to describe this place other then the name the creators of the game gave it. So if you can't stand to know that there is a place in this game that has a name i'll delete this post because I too would find this offensive knowing there is an area with a name here.
  2. Oh man the best song there had to be song in the hidden village when you first arrive. Kinda sounds like a classical western tune but remixed. I played that part repeatidly mainly to hear the song.
  3. I enjoyed this quite a bit. Pretty chaotic but still in control of it. Nice work.
  4. Intrestingly creepy though i feel it kinda pushes away from the magus theme a little i still thought it was kinda cool...
  5. The remix in itself is a good remix don't get me wrong but the whole point of this song was to make you feel sorry for poor old locke. If anything this song was meant to be made harmonic and not techno. Sorry for the bad crappy review.
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