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  1. Hi, Started writing this one this night. Not complete at all, only the intro and the very beginning of the first movement is done (and not yes mixed nor mastered at all). But anyway I need to know if I'm on a good way or not. Thanks in advance for any feedback : http://cl.ly/3f211V2V2331 Regards,
  2. Thanks for encouradgement. Very little up : 12 more measures to show the sound of the real source (firt 4 mesure of the source) : http://cl.ly/3W322R233G1J0W060N1R
  3. Hi Ocremix, As some *may* remember, I'm the remixer of http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01946/ , which already was a Decisive Battle remix (piano solo). Sticking with the decisive battle here, I'm starting a whole new Orchestral arrangement. The whole thing should be concerto-like and might stand a good 6 to 9 minutes. Here is the Intro I already done, which clearly gives clues about how the overall thing will sound : NEW http://cl.ly/3W322R233G1J0W060N1R OLD http://cl.ly/0h2O1R2B26360N2F0737 Begging for feedback, As I need to know if I'm on the right way here. Thanks in advance,
  4. Okay, I think I got it. Just like I did with "FFVI World of Decision" WiP, I'll post the work as it is being improved every time for new feedback. So, there is the "official-I-do-Think-It's-final" Intro + first part, plus the very beginning of part II, which will clearly breaks with the first one. Thanx for feedbacks before I work on the rest of the music : http://temp.khemael.net/khemael-eggman_tears-Intro_and_first_part.mp3
  5. Thanx for feedback. I'll work on it when I got time, and try to release a longer sample. Will work on the Final Boss part, which is there the sample ends here.
  6. Hi, Quite tired of working on Final Fantasy since my last arrangement, I was doing so impro on Robotnik's theme on the piano, with mic open. This is an early and quite bad record, but still I need advices : Do you think I could do something with it, should I work a Robotnik piano arrangement that way ? Thanx a lot in advance : Early WiP : http://temp.khemael.net/eggmanimpr.mp3 Edit 1 : Just like I did with "FFVI World of Decision" WiP, I'll post the work as it is being improved every time for new feedback. *"official-I-do-Think-It's-final" Intro + first part : http://temp.khemael.net/khemael-eggman_tears-Intro_and_first_part.mp3
  7. Thanx a lot Rozovian. After a pass at #ocrwip, I'm working on a last pass of post-processing for the sound, and then it'll be submitted. Next news when the judges want to
  8. Here we go, and here is the Final Product : http://tchaiftp.free.fr/Khemael%20-%20A%20World%20Of%20Decisions.mp3 So, you'll note the Master Key as changed Radically. Yes, it was in order to a better use of the dynamics. I really feel the dynamics have a better contrast in this key, anyway. Waiting for a last-time feedback before submitting, and thanx all for the help !
  9. Thanx a lot Rozovian. The issues you mentioned are exactly the ones I'm working on before the final recording. Also, some of your remarks are about cut offs bugs I got during the recording. As I said, this is the final Score. Not the final recording. I'm far from a submitable work here I think. the parts from 0:30 to 1:15 are definitely going to be reworked. I think this part will be much like what I did with the V2 of the wip, which was smoother. That, along with some bad notes which will disapear, a final and perfect recording, and I guess I'll be done with this. I'll come here a last time before the sub when the final recording is ready
  10. OK. Here it is : http://tchaiftp.free.fr/awod_final_score.mp3 This is the "final" score of the song. What's in there ? A Lots of tempo snags disapeared, and the dynamics are smoother now. There is a big bad note at 1:04 which will disapear too at final recording. There are also some cut off bugs here and there. The only thing to do, other than a final recording, is to work for a last pass on the dynamics of the second part (from 0:40 to 1:15). Waiting for near-final feedback.
  11. Thanx a lot for all your feedbacks. The first post was updated with a "new version". http://tchaiftp.free.fr/decisive-wip2.mp3 Nothing "new" from the first one, I mean I haven't done any re-working for now for the first three parts. But, cause of rozovian feedback, it is on the to-do list. The "new version" contains the last part of the song, covering the original score which was not covered yet. It is a very hard part to cover, because of : 1. The key change 2. I ended the third part with a crazy dynamics and hard keyboard weaving up and down. Then, starting the score of the fourth part was hard. Hard to decide which would be a good playstyle to come after this third part. However, I decided to redo the end of the third part, in order to preparing the key change not to be too much brutal. Tell me if it is good or not. The change is just at 2:38. Then the fourth and last part starts at 2:49. As you can hear, the left hand is not written at all for now. from 2:49, it's only some kind of "overall shape" of the playstyle and what it would be. Little tempo snags are sometimes not really at the right place, but anyway the chords are final, just as the right hand notes. Tell me what you think. At 3:46, the ending starts. I Actually Like this sweet ending. But with an ending starting with high notes, it would be better if the part just before was ending with down ones. Am I right on this point, or is the shape going good ? Also, don't worry, the last part will be more "dynamic" and a little faster when I'll feel OK with the score. The three first parts have been "finished", I mean the score is, but there is still the re-recording to do, which will be done when I'm happy with the lasts parts. Then, here comes the to-do list, and any more interesting feedback will result in a more acurate to-do list : - For the first part, a hard work on the tempo snags and the dynamic of the playstyle - For the three first parts, and the last when score is finished, an overall re-recording in order to have a better playing performance - Writing a left hand for the last part *Awaiting feedback*
  12. A little bump. 200 views, and only two feedbacks ? Is it that bad ? :/ Edit : Rozovian showed me the way.
  13. Thanx a lot you two. @Hoboka : The Judge Panel told me it was over repetitive long time Ago, when only part one used to be, and covering all the rest of the melody. They were right, because even if the tempo snags where apreciated, they ended being realy suspected to be "there" and "there" and there wasn't any more "originality" in the old version after the first minute of hearing. That's the error I'm trying not to make another time. About the "odd" tempo snags at the first part, this come with the problem of the "freely" playstyle of the first part. The real work to do there is to get the "best" playstyle to go along with tempo snags to get it as must enjoyable as possible and also not being too much "odd" or "brutal". There might be some "tempo snags" in the second and third part, especially when I'm weaving up and down on the keyboard. Theses ones are not intended. That is just hard to use the "prelude" playstyle with the "Decisive battle" score at these points. Even if there is some errors in the second and third part, I think these ones are quite done, in a score point of view. I'm actually working on the first part to have it better played, and I'm still waiting for feedback about the two others before working on the score anymore. I'll proceed as step-by-step, because I don't want to reproduce the same errors as I used to.
  14. Hi ! Long time ago, I was working on a piano version for the Decisive Battle. The fact is even if it had good ideas, it was defined as repetitive : "This World of Decisions was Over just when it started". That's why, after leaving this project far away for one year, I'm working on it again. Here are only some "ideas", in three parts, as you'll see only a few part of the original melody is covered Here. But I want to have in the same piece different way of covering the original theme. First part is all about tempo snags, whereas the second is about some staccato's, and the third another way to play the melody, and might be more difficult to apreciate for some ears. Here it is, and it definitely need a lot of feedback : http://tchaiftp.free.fr/decisive.mp3 - OLD, see below Thanx you for reading, and maybe for feedback. (I'll try to do a better recording, since this live one still got some errors, but the playing style isn't easy to manage :/) UPDATE : - OLD see below http://tchaiftp.free.fr/decisive-wip2.mp3 new version, with an "overall shape" of the last part and ending. more precisions : http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=464119#post464119 TO-DO List : OLD - see below - For the first part, a hard work on the tempo snags and the dynamic of the playstyle - For the three first parts, an overall re-recording in order to have a better playing performance - Writing a left hand for the last part UPDATE V3 : OLD - See Below Final Score, one bad note left, some cut-off bugs, but this is some kind of near-final ver : http://tchaiftp.free.fr/awod_final_score.mp3 FINAL UPDATE : NEW http://tchaiftp.free.fr/Khemael%20-%20A%20World%20Of%20Decisions.mp3 Master Key Change. Final Version, near-ready for submitting ! Original : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BW78PN6z50
  15. Hi, I've just started few hours ago an orchestral remix of the sonic 1 and sonic 2 Robotnik's theme. I know it's full of glitches and errors, but it is a very early mix and it's quite a challenge to make orchestral versions of such a piece. I just wanted your opinion, just to be sure I'm working it the right way. Any comment will be apreciated. http://tchaiftp.free.fr/robotorch.mp3
  16. Thanx you all ! I all written in a new key, and I made a better intro. Also there is an example of variation I can make on the theme, even if this variation is maybe too much far away from the original theme hehe. Feedback would be really apreciated. http://tchaiftp.free.fr/sk2.mp3
  17. Hi, I've just started to arrange this piece for piano. I've just playing around for 15 minutesm and I recorded that. It's only some ideas for a piano arrangement, I just want your feedback to know if I'm working it the right way. Thanx you. http://tchaiftp.free.fr/skfinal.mp3
  18. Sonic 2 Robotnik Theme comes from a prior piano arrangement I used to post here as a WIP.
  19. Hi, Here is a piano medley from my own composition I made. I assume the recording is not that good, but it is just to show you my work and to get some feedback. Here we got : - FFVI Coin Song - FFVI Decisive Battle - Sonic 2 Robotnik's theme - Sonic 3 Robotnik's theme link : http://tchaiftp.free.fr/Wip/medley.mp3
  20. I'm a fervamt vorbis defender, then I won't convert it into mp3 unless ther is no other solutions (like posting to judge panel ). The intro is that sudden because this remix has been made for a Boss theme for a Sonic Fangame friends are working on. Thanx for your comments
  21. Commentaries would be really apreciated... even if negatives.
  22. Hi ! Here is an intro I've made for a RPG. I would apreciate some commentaries, I can't even say if this is wip or completed work anyway Thanx a lot. link: http://tchaiftp.free.fr/Wip/Khemael%20and%20Oryx%20-%20Temp%20intro.ogg
  23. Hi. I'm french and i'm pretty new to remixing. I've just made this Chaos ANgel remix and I would really apreciate some commentaries. Thanx a lot URL : http://tchaiftp.free.fr/Wip/Khemael%20&%20Oryx%20-%20boss-Chaos%20Angel%20act1%20rmx-.ogg
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