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  1. @IForgotMyPassword might wanna tag @prophetik music to make sure he sees this. Also @Global-Trance
  2. Congrats to both! I want to especially give a shoutout to @prophetik music, bro. You've been around in this community for so long, contributed so much, and I know that I personally grew SO FUCKING MUCH as a musician from working with you!
  3. Ten years ago, we were mostly teenagers and college kids who thought the internet was serious business. Then we (most of us, anyway) grew up, got jobs, got laid, had a few drinks and smokes, and learned to chill the fuck out. Don't worry, we were all shitty back then, and we mostly don't remember anybody's shittiness from ten years ago except our own.
  4. Saw it, and it was a blast. Not necessarily a "good" movie in the conventional sense, but it was bad in all the right ways. Enormously cheesy, and it completely embraced its cheesiness. The soundtrack was perfection. The movie was a blast from start to finish
  5. Sad to hear it. Loved his stuff
  6. Tangential question; Aside from tradition, is there any particular reason each mix has to have a primary game? I mean, couldn't each mix be tagged with a list of games it draws from, and subsequently show up when somebody searches any of the games the mix draws from?
  7. Oh man, forgot to mention @Sam Ascher-Weiss I never really felt confident in my ability to improvise until I jammed with Sam and @Escariot that one year at MAGfest. Best way I can describe playing onstage with Sam is that he exudes an aura of genius that makes the people around him better musicians. I'm not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that I believe Sam is one of the most brilliant musical minds ever.
  8. I definitely want to; I just don't have anywhere to set up for recording right now.
  9. Not familiar with this story. Could you enlighten me? @kaijin was definitely the biggest one for me. His stuff was what made me want to become a remixer, and learn production beyond just midi arrangement. @Ailsean gets an honorable mention; when I started playing electric guitar, I spent a LOT of time listening to his stuff and trying to learn it. Not so much the crazy solos, but the general lead work, how he'd use pitch bends and pinch harmonics, that sort of stuff. To this day, whenever I am testing out a new distortion pedal or a new electric guitar, the first thing I play on it is the chorus of his arrangement of Singing of the Gentle Wind from One Up Studios' Mitsuda Tribute album.
  10. Journey Breath of the Wild Horizon: Zero Dawn
  11. I'm not currently, but only due to my current living situation. As soon as I live in a place where I can get my studio set up again, I will DEFINITELY be remixing again.