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  1. So I did my first attempt at a speedrun the other day -- behold the 20th fastest Tetris Attack Stage Clear run: (pretty sure I can get top 15 if I keep working at it)
  2. I have nothing of substance to offer, but hope to be building a house sometime in the next year or two which will include a studio (was hoping to be building it now, but..... yeah), so I'll be following this thread.
  3. Staying inside, looking for a remote job, trying to get various side-hustles going. My entire industry is completely shut down (though I was planning on attempting a career change this summer anyway). And my wife is immune-compromised, so we really can't take any chances. Otherwise, lots of Starcraft 2 and Melee. A bit of banjo practice. And that's about it.
  4. Update:
  5. So I thought I'd take a break from arranging game tunes for banjo, and try it the other way round:
  6. Another quick clawhammer banjo sketch:
  7. Updated, much higher-quality (stereo) recording:
  8. Current link: Just kind of a doodle for now, but I might develop this into a more complete mix further down the road. What think y'all?
  9. nah, that whole section was cringe, and it looks like the remake will be faithfully-cringe-inducing
  10. ..... ...... ......... ...... holy shit Yeah, this might be the best mix on the site right now
  11. Ooooooooooh! You know, I don't normally like classical/orchestral-type arrangements, but I really love this! I love how it feels small and intimate, like a small group of musicians sitting in the same room, pouring out their feelings through the music. Superb work
  12. @IForgotMyPassword might wanna tag @prophetik music to make sure he sees this. Also @Global-Trance
  13. Congrats to both! I want to especially give a shoutout to @prophetik music, bro. You've been around in this community for so long, contributed so much, and I know that I personally grew SO FUCKING MUCH as a musician from working with you!