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  1. I'm glad I actually read the email about this, Deus Ex has brilliant music and this collaboration is just as good. Loved it.
  2. You are excused. I didn't say that anyway, i just think the community is better at smspower, get over it
  3. Nevermind, i don't think i'll get much help at this forum..
  4. Hi there, i've been searching for months for a way to do this but no luck, hopefully your experienced community can help me. Here's the deal, i play guitar, me and my friends use Guitar Pro 5 and recently found out that you can import midi's and it will show you tabs. Thrilled we started downloading midi files from http://www.vgmusic.com/ and trying out songs from our favourite Mega Drive games, but we've never been able to learn the ones we love and crave to have: Skitchin. This game has the best rock/grunge music i've ever heard on a vintage console we'd love to get the tabs for the songs. U
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