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  1. oh my.

    this message is not too short.

  2. ahh I could not resist kamoh's gift of persuasion, as well as merry red and pink colors of rules, so cute so i am in glhf everyone aim: kotikmur
  3. Happy New Year everyone I am in for the tourney, aim kotikmur Good Luck to all!
  4. I lost 1 to max very interesting game, with nice combinations by max in the ending thank you
  5. i also want to play! aim: kotikmur
  6. 0:2 vs Uranus (dont believe him if he will report different result!) I did better then I expected though GGs Uranus, thank you
  7. ok... one win against Kamoh, which actually had to be my defeat. Kamoh improved tremendously since last time we played, and I really enjoyed the game, though I was losing. He was a few moves from mate when I tried to sac my queen in despair and it worked (Kamoh got overconfident). I am not proud of this game but I am posting it here for you to look through it ;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game ;White: metzgerism ;Black: margoute ;Date: Sun Sep 16 06:25:24 GMT 2007 1. e2-e4 e7-e5 2. b1-c3 g8-f6 3. g1-f3 b8-c6 4. d2-d4 e5xd4 5. f3xd4 f8-b4 6. d4xc6 b7xc6 7. f1-c4 o-o 8. o-o b4xc3 9. b2xc3
  8. Those were beautiful games, and both sides were gaining and losing advantage during the game. dPaladin is a tough opponent, and I was not sure about the outcome until the very end in both games. Great games, thank you dPaladin
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