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  1. oh my.

    this message is not too short.

  2. Great work guys. Lovin all the work put into this.
  3. I'm going to have to agree with Zircon here; I absolutely cannot imagine how you guys could not hear this mix clearly.
  4. This was ok until 3/4, then it gets chaotic. And I remember hearing an awkward trill
  5. I make wips. Here is wips. Inspired by MONOBROW'S BAB-IL, here is my tower, which also happens to be wips btw.. http://studiodao.com/archieve/babil_8.mp3 btw wipslol
  6. I make wips. Here is wips. Inspired by DOUG PERRY'S moonsong, here is my moonsong, which also happens to be wips btw.. http://studiodao.com/archieve/Moonsong_9.mp3 btw wips
  7. Samuel Leon Nathan Ascher-Weiss is the greatest
  8. I wish to request the Ship Theme from Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest 4 http://www.zophar.net/download.php?file=nsf/dq4.zip <------ Track 9 on this .nsf http://monobrow.arnoldascher.com/Other/dq4ship.mid <------ Midi
  9. IS it even necessary to get thoughts about this? I mean, this is like, the INTERNET