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  1. Absolutely stunned by this mix. Easily the best track on an album full of great remixes... This one however, goes beyond just remix though. It's on a whole other level entirely in my opinion. Bravo!
  2. Been a long time lurker/fan of OCReMix and it's crew. This album was amazing but there was one track that kinda had me do a double take really quick. "Wait... Is that.. moaning??? haha" I thought the track was pretty awesome and creative. Definitely wouldn't want to get caught on the train blasting that in my headphones though. XD Congrats on another successful album.
  3. Long time lurker, I don't really post much but I feel like I have to for this one... The album is awesome.
  4. That remix for "You Can Hear the Cry of Planet" sounds awesome. Keep up the good work all.
  5. Huge props to everyone who took part on Project Chaos. These remixes are awesome. Currently hooked on Dead Batteries and Walk on Water.
  6. Wow and I thought I was crazy for thinking that Sonic 3's music sounded like something out of MJ...
  7. Long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to say great job on the album/teaser site. That Doomsday track is awesome. Looking forward to the rest of the tracks. ;D
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