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  1. Thanks for the comments Gario :D

    At this point though, since I've released it and all that, I figure it's done done, even though some things could be a bit better I guess. Also the fact that I already had it mastered by a guy :P I do agree though that maybe those violins could be a bit more up front now that you mention it.

    I have not submitted it to OCR mostly because I already released it myself, and I was also hoping a certain label would pick it up, but I haven't heard back from them yet, so I'm not sure. Is it fine to still submit to OCR? I forget all the rules haha.

  2. so, I haven't read everything in this thread, but I've recently been getting in to analog circuitry myself and I've been doing music stuff with it.

    MIDI Opto-Isolator Circuit I designed: http://i.imgur.com/Y9dyZ5w.png

    Square/Triangle Voltage Controlled Oscillator Circuit I designed: http://i.imgur.com/JOaYo0f.png (didnt end up working cause I fucked it up somewhere)

    The working prototype for the previous osc: http://i.imgur.com/wiMF2So.png

    I'm currently working on a new prototype for another square/triangle using a different chip, as well as a ramp/pulse and sine, and also some PWM action for the square.

    In any case, I figured I could chime in and pimp out https://oshpark.com/ cheap PCB's. Cost is based on square inch, and all of those purple pcb's in my photos were done through them, and came out to roughly 6 bucks or so

    edit: also, I'm trying to go the pure analog route (except for when I hook up a midi keybaord to it. That will probably be midi keyboard -> raspberry pi (or arduino) -> voltage control -> osc. Asside from that, I'm going pure analog hooah. Which is pretty difficult apparently, especially cause I know nothing about circuits haha

  3. Hey guys. So I had physically released this album about a year and a half ago, and decided it was time to throw it up digitally.

    Features some Hardcore tracks, some Funkot tracks, a Makina track and a bunch of remixes in various genres such as:psy/orchestra, trancecore, progressive house, hardcore, funkot.

    Let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy it!




    01. DJ SymBiotiX - Here We Go Again

    02. DJ MesoPhunk - Rebel With Me

    03. DJ SymBiotiX Feat. Iolite - Drive My Heart

    04. DJ MesoPhunk - Hardcorpse Party

    05. DJ SymBiotiX - FUNFUNFUNK

    06. Survival Program - All About Tha Powah

    07. DJ SymBiotiX - Renegade Funk

    08. DJ MesoPhunk - Had It All

    09. DJ SymBiotiX - Orange Sky (JMBS Remix)

    10. DJ SymBiotiX - Coming Home (D-tor Remix)

    11. DJ SymBiotiX - Orange Sky (2012mL Citric Style)

    12. DJ SymBiotiX - Coming Home (DJ Counterforce Remix)

    13. DJ SymBiotiX - Drive My Heart (Chasers Remix)

    14. DJ SymBiotiX - Crystal Dreams (98 Percent Chimp Remix)

  4. According to the FAQ its Mighty No. 9, because there are 8 other Mighty robots, and Beck is the 9th (They made him 9, even though the original goal was 6 robots, but they wanted the possibility of 8 or something like that). Just like how in megaman there were other robots, and then megaman had to take them down. That's how I undersood the FAQ anyway.

    That being said. I threw down for the $100 package, and I am hype as fuck. Can't wait for the beta :)

    I also like how his name is Beck and his partners name is Call. Beck & Call LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!ONEONEONE!!! GET IT?!?!?!

  5. I'm sure he does some post processing. Panning, maybe fixing some timing issues, compression, etc. I don't think it's pitch corrected though. It's still really good either way, even if he is using vocal samples/looping/etc still takes a lot of work to record and arrange all the parts.

    Also reminds me of this guy from back in the day.

    Kutimu, did like 3 or 4 a capellas of DDR songs, (you can definitely tell he i'snt post processing all that much or looping, etc)

    there were a couple others, but I'm having a hard time finding them.

  6. Took piano lessons as a wee lad (don't remember the exact age), and then quit at some point. Got really into DDR and Bemani games, and I wanted to make songs for stepmania and stuff. Started messing with composing/production in 2005 or so. Didn't really get serious until 2009ish and I can't see myself ever stopping :)

  7. so.. I've listened to the album all the way through like 6+ times now. I can say that every song has grown on me and I love it all. I decided to go back and listen to Discovery... and RAM has ruined it for me :3. Discovery sounds so... robotic and non organic to me now. I still enjoy it, but I feel like it doesn't have the groove that RAM has. There is also the fact that the mastering for RAM is so much nicer and warmer IMO.

  8. I... don't see why you would need a consistent internet connection for this. You can resume downloads, etc.

    Regardless, I agree that for these types of reasons, physical copies are nice, but the big issue I was trying to point out was that G-Mixer said that downloading a game is inconvenient compared to the much more actual inconvenient labor of going out to buy a game

  9. The PS4 is being hit hard because they are failing to do this as well, at least in meaning of owning a physical copy of a PS3 game. Instead, you have to go and by all the games online now for the PS4. Inconvenient.

    Yeah, I fucking hate the fact that I could just download whatever game I wanted from my bedroom without having to go outside, start my car, drive down to the store, hope the game isn't sold out, buy a copy, drive back home, install it on my ps4, and then play it. Fucking inconvenient indeed

  10. Really awesome an fun game. Had a huge blast playing with a friend and griefing each other when you get the world changing powers :P

    Also I want to point out that I am half mexican, and mexico is EXACTLY like this game portrays :3

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