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  1. No, I'm talking about recordings, like live piano solos for songs. An example of a live mix is JigginJonT's remix of Big Blue.
  2. If the volume on our remix is low, will that affect the overall outcome of if it gets accepted or not?
  3. I feel this remix is unique to the others, in the fact that it's not as conventional, as say, about half of the Chrono Trigger remixes. I really enjoyed the transitions and everything, and being a musician myself, I have to say: One day, I will attempt to top that. :3 The feel of the song rivaled that of classic ReMixes, such as "Enter the Frog". My suggestion: showboat more. Everyone likes to hear showboatsmanship on an instrument you're fluent with. Polyrhythms <3. Though at times, the song felt a little repetitive, redundant. I realize that song is like that, owning the actual game, but
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