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  1. Been working on this one for a few days. Tried to stick pretty closely to the original tempo and work around it.
  2. Heh nope, I was having a think about it, it may not sound "good" while it's actually being blown around by the wind, but it'd come in handy to use as an instrument anytime heh.
  3. You may like the idea of using some 5 note scales, such as Chinese and Egyptian stylings, with use of octaves (C D E G A) and (C D F G A#) respectively. I'd personally love to hear this done, but thats just me.. Another 5 note scale with you might use could be Pentatonic Majeur (C D E G A). Another thing you may be interested in doing (which also is personally appealing to me haha) is to try out some arpeggio style scales (Major 9th). I was thinking, you may want to shorten the low C, in this case I've assumed it's been shorted so it's now a C#, in this form you can use the Enigmatic scale (C# D F G A B C) if you shorten the E and make it an F. Some other stuff possible, Iwato scale (C# D F# G and the Hirajoshi scale (C# D# E G# A). Anyhow, once you change the pitch of the low C, obviously there's alot more options, sorry I didn't keep to the octave interval rule aswell..
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