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  1. Well there is a Non-ReMixes topic located in Forums/Works-in-Progress & Releases/Non-ReMixes. That's why I didn't know where to post a request for this type of music.
  2. Umm...I didn't really know where else to put this request seeing that this is more of a non-game-remix request. So I guess i'll post it here and if I'm breaking some rule, then i'll know. I'm looking for some people who would be willing to make some music for a mini-movie. The movie is going to be army-based. I'm looking for what would sound like army-style music: Main Theme (That will be able to be repeated from time to time) Attack Theme Chase Theme Credits Theme I guess PM me or just post here if you're interested.
  3. I listened for about 20 seconds, turned up my volume full blast, then I heard something... No offense, but there wasn't much of anything I liked in this "remix". I guess I don't like ambients either.
  4. I'm not a remixer myself, but I do have to say....this is one of my favorite mixes yet! I love the Bowser theme from Super Mario 64. I was hoping someone would remix it. I don't know what "EQing" means, but I too really think you should bring up the guitar. It added so much "mmph" to the whole remix. And it did get kind of lost sometimes with all the other sounds. Besides that, great job! This is in the top ten of my remix list.
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