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  1. Beat dolittle http://gc1.iggamecenter.com/gm.php?gid=1&sid=18407&code=KUHICO570〈=en
  2. lost to dpaladin (he got lucky in the end game) http://gc1.iggamecenter.com/gm.php?gid=1&sid=18393&code=ZUCASE109〈=en
  3. lost to salaxzar. http://gc1.iggamecenter.com/gm.php?gid=1&sid=18168&code=〈=en -- and beat thwack. http://gc1.iggamecenter.com/gm.php?gid=1&sid=18185&code=〈=en
  4. I saw the rook. And thought. Then I moved the queen. In the path of the rook. Then he took the queen, then he took everything else, since the queen was holding my entire defense together. It was almost like I subconciously let him wipe out my entire defenses, and gave him my queen. It was terrible.
  5. Kelvin? I plan to get first! At least in the top 3. This seems achievable... for once...
  6. yay for June! Very glad theres a revival. Remember, my offer for a autonomous system is still on the table. interesting numbers you have for the signup times.
  7. I'm in. I suppose. I'll try it out and see how it works.
  8. Won two against Kamoh. ::melodramatically:: whooo!
  9. Agreed. Agreed again. (meaning I have to start doing well.) I think im gaining my mind back, which is a good thing.
  10. 1 game = 5 points? bypass rule? explain please. Unfortunately, I don't have time to search through old threads to find the answer.
  11. Im back! Kinda. Just Pidgin was released, and it works with Vista, and that means that I have AIM again. I'll probably rejoin, i need to stretch my strategic brain again before I lose my edge.
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