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  1. Thanks for the link herograw! I will need to look into a Torrent client I guess for future use. Thanks for all of the suggestions! -Elmernite
  2. the prophet would be correct. (Isn't a prophet always correct?) And I understand that this one is legit. I guess I just kinda always looked at them as a portal to lots of trouble, both through illegal stuff and I just always considered them a security backdoor. So I have purposely never downloaded a torrent client. -Elmernite
  3. Nice! But as a general rule I avoid Torrents. Is there anywhere where I can download it directly? -Elmernite
  4. Dungeon Siege: The main theme. It's very vocal and orcestral[sp?]. Anything from the Total Annihilation game. The TA is more of a suggestion than a request. Thanks! -Elmernite
  5. Can you please give a little more detail? What is the SFplayer? Perhaps a link? Any other options? Thanks! -Elmernite
  6. Whats a sequencer? Would Cakewalk work? I can't get wingroove to install. Thanks! -Elmernite
  7. My brother writes all of his songs in Print Music 2002 edition. Of course the only really good way to output music from the program is in midi. So I'm asking for good ways to convert Midi to another format. I mean any format too. Wav, mp3, ogg, any others. And by convert I don't just mean convert. I mean truely make it sound better. I tried some of the methods in the pinned topics but couldn't get any of them to work. So...... I'm open to suggestions. Thanks! -Elmernite
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