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  1. I never really used any trackers. Are there any that can export midi data?
  2. Is there a way to extract sequencer information from a s3m file, maybe even a conversion possibility?
  3. Ok, thanks. I know a vocal coach, I'll ask him about that btw, here's a sample from a German rapper called Kollega (I got it from a remix contest), there is no way that there are no effects involved in this. DL Link on Rapidshare
  4. Would you provide me with a link to some instructions?
  5. Hey, guys... WOW, been gone for a long time, missed a lot, but it's good to be back So I was playing some Butcher Bay yesterday and one question that's been bugging me for many months came up again: Riddick's voice sounds smoky and rough. So much that it's almost unnatural. The effect has also been used on almost any commercial there is, but I noticed it especially with this particular game: Here's a little video for reference: Vid What effects have to be applied to a vocal sample for it to sound like that? Can you recommend any plugins or techniques to reproduce the effect? Thanks in advance
  6. Hell YEAH! An extented step-by-steo tutorial on creating phat drum beats complete with fills etc would be great!
  7. The M-Aiudio Axiom 49 is by far the best Midi controller in that price class I know. It has lots of useful features and comes with Ableton Live Light, just t get your foot into the door of digital music production. I used to have the Keystation 49e. After I switched to the Axiom suddenly I made much less mistakes while playing, just because the keys felt so good. The Axiom is the way to go! As for the pop filter, these things are really easy to create. I for example used a wire netting in combination with some old bandages I got from a first aid kit. It suits my needs.
  8. I liked yoozer's version too. How long did it take you?
  9. I kind of didn't get what OS you're tying to install it on, but if it's a mac you have to have admin rights I guess.
  10. "the cheeeat, the cheeeat is in the house" Check this vid How do I recreate this effect?
  11. It's always, everywhere and it's instant. As soon as I pan the headset 10 % to one side (which is one step, as well in system prefs as in Audacty) it suddenly is loud.
  12. When I got my USB Headset 4 or 5 months ago I was really happy, cuz' it rocked! Now it broke down. Shit. I'll try to explain what happens. I'm on a really old mac (G4, 500 mhz, Tiger 10.4.10), but it always worked perfectly (please no "HAHA UR COMPUTER SUXXORZ", I'm getting an iMac in half a year. I usually use it to record stuff in Audacity 1.2.6. I also use it as headphones because my brother is often playing PS2 in the same room as I'm lisening to music with this headset. One day it suddenly was really quiet. When I turned the system volume full up I could just hear the sound. (normally it
  13. I did not know him personally, but his music was really touching. I am very sorry. Me and many other people will remember him.
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