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  1. Hello there... I'm Felipe Cotti, 18 years in this planet. Living in Brazil, more precisely in an egg called Belo Horizonte. (everybody knows somebody directly or closely indirectly, it's incredible.) Since 1999 I had contact with the INTERNET. I passed through the ICQ fever, years later I spent almost 2 years in the extinct TotalFF Forums, it was such a nice place. Then I became a blogger, just some months before almost every brainless teenager in Brazil started having one. Then I had contact with RPGMaker, and a very basic of ROMHacking/translation... Then I met Chrono Trigger ^^', that I still think it's the best game of any style of any console ever. I love gaming-related issues, but I never got too much deep information. And about 2, two and a half years ago, I started messing with music, my actual passion. Until I turned 15, I never payed too much attention to music. Then I watched "Wayne's World" and the car scene where the protagonists perform Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" defined me. Soon I defined my musical style, that can be resumed to one thing: I damn hate 95% of actual music in a general way ^^'. I love game music though; I think that it offers even more potential options than "normal" music. Well, there's much more about me, but if you guys wish, I'll tell in another way. Regards to you all, Cotti. Ps.: I visit OCR regularily for almost 2 years, but never came to the forums ¬¬'
  2. Thanks for the link, gonna check it! Yes, they say the Russian ones have a "better" sound than the American... But the fact is that I'm really poor hehe ^^' I got my guitar as a gift from a cousin. And also, here in Brazil music stuff comes with a hell lot of taxes, some items can be more than 300% the equivalent in USA, for example. Damn taxes ¬¬'
  3. Say, first of all, hello everybody ^^' It's my first post here, although there's a lot of time I come to OCR and check out some works... But never had all the time to be in the forums. Now, I'm finally understanding some more of music, so I'm going to try and make some arrangements of my favorite game pieces... But that one is a multi-purpose to me: Do you guys know if there's a free plugin, synth, simulator or anything of the Big Muff pedal, immortalized by David Gilmour on mid-late 70's Floyd? Best wishes to you all, Cotti.