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  1. gotta say, one of the best songs on the site. never liked aeris, she wasn't much of a good fighter, nor was she a good character. sure she had great personality, but the only things she really did to help the plot was to die. sorry to any fan's of her's for those comments. but one thing i can say about her. even though i didn't care much for her, i still weeped for her. and boy did i love her theme. and this remixer here has brought back all the good feelings that i got from her. warmth, sorrow with a hint of hope, love, and anything else. whilst listening to this song for the first time, i completly forgot any complaints i had about her as the charecter and focused on the good. well, i've rambled enough. overall, excellent, excellent song.
  2. i'm sure it's been mentioned before, but if it hasn't, the music was made by a man named Tyler Heath. so go ahead and pay respect by replacing his "unknown" with his name.
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