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  1. I guess I don't really get it; you're actually offering all this - for nothing in return...? Or is there a hidden clause I did not see...?
  2. Good day, good day... I'm a little ashamed by the fact that I have to admit I know absolutely nothing about remixing. Well, beside of this I'm very keen on composing and I've known OCRemix before. Now I'd like to bring my midi-composed (I'm using NoteWorthy for many years now) tunes in higher spheres. In concrete words, all I'm looking for is to be able to use SoundFonts in NoteWorthy. I've been trying it the hard way though. I own the full-version of Cubase (don't worry, I didn't pay for it *psst*) and recently (this morning) downloaded Fruity Loops. Appearently my SoundCard (SB Live!) or Speaker System (a dolby surround system by Creative, although my soundcard doesn't support dolby surround at all, so only one out of four boxes sounds (btw I also experimented with other speakers and it does not seem to be a problem with those)) doesn't want me to use those programms and just keeps silent, whatever option I manipulate. So the opportunity to import my composition in FL or Cubase is nevermore. But I read you can actually load SoundFonts on your Soundcard and then use them in NoteWorthy. I didn't understand how, though I searched and tried... Sidenote: I also tried Anvil Studio and it seemed to work, but as I tried to use several SoundFonts at the same time I failed; I could only use one. Maybe someone can help me by telling me how to set up SoundFonts on my Soundcard or showing me the failures I've made. Oh, and don't you think I'm not intending to remix one day too, I'm just practising with my song, which will still be self-played for the biggest part. I appreciate all your work folks! This guide would have been killer, if I owned a better computer... I got it when I was seven years old and that's about ten years ago...