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  1. Holy crap, this actually came out!!! I must be in the Twilight Zone or something! I've lurked the thread since my sophomore year of high school (sophomore in college, now). I've died a little inside every time the release date was postponed. I've steamed inside (only a little bit) whenever a joke was made about the release date being so far off. And now the project is finally, actually out. I'm absolutely ecstatic. Massive congratulations to all of you. Seriously. But don't ever take so long to release a project again. ;P
  2. Oh, my. I should have come here first before making my other posts. Naughty me. C:\> cd intros C:\INTROS\> ocremix Loading ... Done! Hello, patrons of OCRemix. I call myself Twilight in Zero. You may call me that, TiZ, or Trent. Whatever suits your fancy. I've come to the site for quite a long time whenever I wanted to hear a unique take on a song I really liked. Nothing I've heard here has ever disappointed me, I'm glad to say. I'm highly anticipating the site projects Summoning of Spirits and Project Chaos. I check the site projects board every day to see if PC's come out yet, an
  3. Ladies and gentlemen, OCR1499. As Fox says, There's one more to go! Uhm... Not sure how much my opinion matters here, but: 16. Heads up for Tails 14. Water on the Dancefloor 11. Credits (Demo) 7. Hydrochill 5. Frozen Lavareef (WIP) Yeah, I went back from the last to remember which ones I really liked. I've been wondering about something: The OCR Release things on the first post. What exactly are those?
  4. Oh, sorry, you're right. The S3K mega collection for PC uses midi... The normal LBZ theme couldn't be handled by midi, so they made a different one instead. Sorry about that.
  5. The music for Launch Base was different between S3 and S3&K. If I may ask, which version will be used?
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