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  1. I did this a loooong time ago but I just recently found the .mp3 on my webspace . Unfortunately I don't seem to have the original data nor a backup so this stays at it is now, a never finished piece of work. I remember that I used not too much of the theme itself, just the main tune that stuck in my head for like forever. I ripped some of the guitar chords right off my psp and added a bassline, some synth and some drums. It doesn't sound like a rock song, more like an experimental crossover between Electro and Funk. --> http://hatsudenki.googlepages.com/OokiiGuitar.mp3
  2. Basically I started off doing music with that - I R NOOB TOOL - MagixMusicMaker, just clutching pre-rendered .wav datas together and showing it to my mum , that was roughly 6-5 years ago..., but it soon became booooooooooooooooring. I've started playing the guitar last year and as my friend told me he's gonna take on the piano/synth skills for our upcoming band (guess that'll be in a decade ) I decided to put my interest into Midi-sequencing, as there are many sideprojects from known drum/guitar players around. And for the sake of all, I'm 17.
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