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  1. hvorfor lager du ikke en post på hardware.no i stedet? mye flinkere der ;p
  2. I personally favor the Sennheiser HD series. I have the HD 595 and it is really something, it sounds better than it costs then there are the HD 515, 555, 595, 600, 650, where 650 is the best but the MOST expensive and the 515 wich is the "worst" but the cheapest one. The HD sereies are high quality acoustic headphones.
  3. I'm terribly sorry if this thread has been a thousand times before, but I wondere wich audio program is the best?
  4. I just love this song! Best Chrono Trigger remix ever bever and whatsoever! Ever since the 2nd time (when I actually realized how amazing this remix is) i listened to this song, I've never played through my iTunes "My Top Rated" playlist, without listening to this song. It can't be done... have to listen to before im satisfied...
  5. BTW, who's is your favourite SSBM character? Mine is Dr.Mario, then Young Link
  6. I think this is one of the best chrono trigger remix ever although Darkesword's Though The Dark is not that bad eihter actually... many of the CT ReMixes are good;) but at this point, ambients marine is the best one...
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