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  1. Hey I'm back from my week away. Total taxes collected: $4,938.85 Bills: $1,843.78 Ouch. So, I guess I'm back! Rejoice!
  2. I'm assuming it will be. Although that would limit the size... EDIT: Time for my week long hiatus farewell.
  3. You get land and stuff. Just be careful you don't attack someone in an alliance, heh.
  4. My 40 soldiers could take a nuclear-capable nation no problem.
  5. IRON keeps their money promise, I'm betting. But if you join them you can't be in the OCA right?
  6. I just realized, I'm going to be computerless next week. Shit, now I just realized my bills will be fuckin huge when I get back. EDIT: BTW, if anyone cares, I'm located in the Yucatan Pennisula near Mexico.
  7. If you don't collect taxes they get interest on them. IRON is offering money, no wonder they're top ten.
  8. I believe you have to have a rather large alliance before it becomes 'clickable'. Olrad: I also asked for a spice trade with you.
  9. Just joined minutes ago. Seems like a promising game. Orange of course. Nation: Aldrane Ruler: MarioRPG Trade: Iron, Silver
  10. I wouldn't say it's 'great'. It's definatley enjoyable to say the least.
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