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  1. Dyson

    Cyber Nations: Google Maps based Browser Game

    I think the roll call thread is a good idea. It serves as an organized private directory of ONLY members of the alliance. It's easier than updating an enormous list every time someone joins. Oh, absolutely, I agree with the thread, I was just wondering whether or not it'll be a public or a private thread [Whether or not it'll be shown to OCA members or the public].
  2. Dyson

    Cyber Nations: Google Maps based Browser Game

    Nice work, supremespleen. I'd recommend revamping the initial post in this thread. You can remove the roster (the Roll Call thread at headquarters and the OCR Member group list should take care of that) and provide a link to the official headquarters forum as well. We should also provide a link to the charter in the first post (which should get its own locked announcement thread in the Information Desk forum). Potential members should still apply to join the alliance in this thread. Was about to suggest the same thing. What's the deal with the roll call thread? Will that be public or private to OCA members?
  3. Dyson

    Cyber Nations: Google Maps based Browser Game

    Team: Orange Nation: Dystopia Leader: Dyson Resources: Aluminium and Pigs Woot! Registered on the OCA forums, too.
  4. Good evening folks. I'm Dyson. Etc.