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  1. As if this song wasn't just ripe for some nice rhymes to be thrown in there with it's melancholy beat. I've half the mind to write lyrics myself, but I can't actually rap (Not a good voice for it, singing maybe, not rap). Just listen to it. Heck, half the songs from the game would be good for this sort of thing.
  2. Any possibility of getting an extended mix of the melancholy piano/bass mix at the end there? That part was my favorite, and I'd love to have maybe just a loop or something... I dunno how many others are in agreement, but honestly, that part was so damn jam-worthy and it's only the last bit... Mind you the rest of the song is also epic.
  3. Okay, well, I've lurked the site for a few years now, since waaaaaay back. About the time I discovered Jivemaster's Sonic 3D remixes. I gotta go ahead and give kudos to everyone, particularly several remixers that I've heard evolve and grow and grown to like the songs they produced more and more. Well, maybe not particularly, cuz I'm not gonna list names. ANYWAYS. On to the topic of the discussion. I've had the idea for these two songs to be remixed for years, and I've wanted to do it myself, but I've never had a computer with the power to do anything other than minor sound changes using a free audio mixer program. So heres the request, either of these two songs. Breath of Fire III- Treehouse Theme. It has an excellent jazz tune and it's the key area at the start of the game. I could see the song going into a jazz remake or house, but you guys are the remixers, so I'll not make an ass of myself further! Next up Snowboard Kids- Midnight Highway Theme. Awesome tune, awesome game. The music really goes with the feel of the game, lighthearted and such, and this track really stood out with me as being one of the funnest with some of the best music in the game. It really made me want to play the track over and over again (And we did. One of my favorite N64 games.) So that's that. It was nice to finally speak up, but I probably won't do much more than that for a while. I prefer to let the masters do their work and just listen when they finish. Much <3
  4. Never played the games, survival horror scares me good... Saw the movie though, damn good for my taste, bad acting though. Pyramid head rocked, and those DAMN BURNING BABIES ARE TEH SKARYEST THENG EVAR!11one Seriously, I couldn't sleep for a week... they aren't actually scary scary, but you don't wanna look at them and they make a spine chilling sound in the movie.
  5. Shonen, Pixietricks... I will find you both and give you hugs... this song gives warm fuzzies, despite its cold exterior. I hum this damned thing in my sleep among other places, and everyone in my class who isn't already in the know about OC keep asking me what song I'm humming... of course, I keep 'em guessing! MWAHAH I can't get over how the lot of you did such a wonderful job with this song... Zircon, Pixie, Shonen, D-lux, and Taucer, I salute you all, and command that you work together again in the future at some point. Oh, and Pixie, can I get your number ^.^;; And yes, I know I stand no chance... its the humor that makes me do it.
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