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  1. no i saw it before it was revealed, i just didn't bitch about it until yesterday. i was honestly too pissed at what was given to me to discuss it here at the time. i mean i spent money hoping for quality and i was seemingly handed a steaming turd...
  2. welp i feel like a tool, didn't even realize it was an April fools joke. work has me forgetting the date. sorry guys.
  3. wow, no FLAC? we went over the funding goal FIVE TIMES. last time i checked outputting to FLAC or uncompressed WAV didn't cost anything. while the bandwidth use could be higher, it could be hosted over bit torrent like all the other albums. as a contributor at the 25$ level i feel very cheated.
  4. She better talk about the new tombraider game, its leagues ahead of the old one and is pretty gender-neutral. i found it to be a good game, but knowing her, she's still going to say its sexist...
  5. YES i've been waiting for a remix of the .hack series! i don't know why everyone thinks the anime music and the game music is the same, because it is VERY different. the anime's music had a large celtic overtone while the game keeps that to a minimum and goes with a more techno approach. thats the hard part, a lot of the song's don't have names. also, the background music for the "8 phases" and pretty much most the events is exactly that, leitmotifs. but there are still lots of different background music, ranging from dungeons to killer viruses and hackers on steroids. however some of the on
  6. Iridion II has some great songs! personally i love "two years gone" and "aniki canyon" i'll see if i can get the tracks! thanks everyone! "space port alpha-two years gone" http://rapidshare.com/files/231057565/13_-_Spaceport_Alpha_-___Two_Years_Gone__.mp3.html
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