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  1. One other quick thing, should we consider logic pro or logic express or expansion packs for garageband? Thanks again.
  2. Hey Everyone. So my band is getting a cord to plug our guitar into my mac, along with a midi interface for the keyboard. We'll obviously record our drum set parts. We'll plug a mic in for our singers. Any suggestions or pointers or anything? Thanks!
  3. I'm interested in starting to ReMix, now that I have a mac. So I'm interested in buying the expansion, but I wanted to make sure it was worth it beforehand. Any input?
  4. I found it easily. Just google it. And remember, it does require X11.
  5. 'kay. Thanks for the input. I'll have to put that on my list right after I finish saving up for the 1 GB of RAM for my computer.
  6. Perfect? o.O well, thanks? I'm gonna try out some of FL Studio's products, I'm mainly interested in either the 49 or 99 dollar ones. Probably the 49. Does anybody use anyone of those? If so, how are they? Thanks again
  7. I've been listening to remixes from OverClocked Remix for about a year now, and I thought I could start remixing myself. I have a few ideas up in my head, and now I just need help choosing a program. It'd be great if this program was fairly easy for beginners. I also have acess to garage band on my best friend's computer, if anybody thinks that's a good program to use. Also, I'm terribly sorry if this question has already been answered. Many thanks, -Jack