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  1. Got a 2DS recently. Friend Code: 3711-8977-5814 Currently all I have is Pokemon X (which came on the system).
  2. Have you never worked retail? That is part of your job. As in "if you don't make a sales quota using these tactics you don't have a job". As for calling each other "bro". That might just me your location. The employees have always referred to me as "sir" or something else respectable.
  3. It is a business. They are there to make a profit, not to make you happy. You have a choice to shop there or not.
  4. I have come across a lot of older games just by people knowing I am into gaming. I have gotten an NES with a pile of games, 3 controllers, and two zappers for free all because I wore a mario shirt once. They also had a broken SNES pad in there which I converted to USB. Another time someone game me a box of unsold gameboy stuff from a tag sale. 20 or so games, 2 original gameboys, and various accessories. Again, free. When it comes to collecting, I tend to not bother unless it is something I have personal nostalgia for. I could never see myself buying something like Earthbound (unless I really wanted to play it) because I have no nostalgia for it. I also love finding and playing games that are not available without piracy or actually owning the original console. Some games just never make it to virtual console. That being said, I turned around and sold most of the gameboy and NES stuff to purchase other things.
  5. Just so we are clear... You can't/won't fix it yourself, and you do not want a new one. So, you are willing to ship it to someone, purchase the replacements parts, pay for the service, and pay for return shipment. Is this all correct? How much are you willing to pay for all this? I can probably do it if the price is right. EDIT: Just searched around a bit. I know I can do it if you are interested. Another Edit: http://www.ebay.com/itm/BRAND-NEW-NINTENDO-N64-REPLACEMENT-THUMBSTICK-JOYSTICK-ORIGINAL-STYLE-/370862737627?pt=US_Video_Game_Controllers&hash=item56592448db
  6. No. But anyway, the link above for the joystick is a pretty average price. I see them on ebay floating around $10 as well. 3rd party controllers only sell for a few dollars more anyway. http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Black-Long-Handle-Controller-Pad-Joystick-for-Nintendo-64-N64-System-US-Ship-/281154616933?pt=US_Video_Game_Controllers&hash=item41761efe65 So if you have had issues fixing controllers before, it may be worth the extra $2 since the replacement stick will be 3rd party anyway. Edit: And back to the original point, what went wrong the last time you tried to fix a controller?
  7. The one with the problem being third party? If you insist I suppose, my third party controller works fine. And if you get the joystick replaced, the replacement part will be third party too. http://hyperkin.com/retro-gaming/nintendo-n64-game-console/n64-replacement-joystick-repairbox.html
  8. What happened last time? Also, you are probably better off buying a new reproduction controller. N64 is popular enough where there are plenty of companies making controllers now.
  9. Well put, and I hope you are right. But if the past is any indication, Microsoft knows how to make money very well.
  10. The first two of which are directly related to a physical copy of the game. No. Any company is in the business of making money. If they will make more money by pleasing their customer, then it is within their interest (e.g. Sony). Let me be entirely clear here. I do not support the next xbox. I don't have any desire to support the direction microsoft has been taking lately. What I am asserting is that every single one of their decisions is justified and understandable, even if I don't like it. Even if the gaming community as a whole rejects it. The majority of consumers are in all likelihood looking for the exact functionality they had outlined would be available. http://news.cnet.com/8301-10805_3-20022530-75.html Article from 2010, so take that into account.
  11. Honestly, I think another 3-5 years from now, people will want the kind of functionality that the XBone was offering. A knee jerk reaction to something different shows the immaturity of the gaming community on the whole. Moving away from physical copies of games makes sense in the long run, regardless of what we as gamers are used to. If I look casually at my friends list on xbox at any given time, there are more people watching netflix and hulu than there are playing games. Don't you think a company with such an overwhelming amount of money and resources knows what is in their best interest? That being said, I gave up on the 360 being a game console a long time ago. Most of the innovation and interesting games are not on the system, or not exclusive to the system. I think I will just stick to investing in older games and scoop up the ones that matter on steam from now on.
  12. I posted this thread before they announced the album. See first post of this thread and the first post to the thread you linked to. Also; I already posted in that thread here to acknowledge that. On the first page no less.
  13. I know someone already said it, but the Sonic 1 port onto the GBA was one of the worst pieces of trash I have ever played. I read the bad reviews and bought it anyways thinking "how bad could this really be?". Unplayable.
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