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  1. I love ocremix for songs like this. real, beautiful music that just happened to come from video games. I don't even play video games much anymore, but I love listening to the music on here. this is one of the best piano tracks on here.
  2. BIGSTEVE says this OC Remix is off the chain!!! Love it! I like beyond Midgar better, but this is still really good. It kind of calms you down if you listen to it when you're under stress! Bottom Line: It's Awesome. Download it.
  3. This remix is really smooth. It starts out all slow and quiet, and gradually steps out into a sort of rave party track. It's really unique in my opinion.
  4. This is one of the best cuts off of this site. Some of you didn't like the lyrics, but I think they're the best part of this song. I've listened to this quite a bit when I've been depressed. It kind of takes you out of yourself. Anyway, it's a great download, and I listen to it a lot.
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