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  1. -blank stare- I. Er. Ebbeh. ....what? I think I'll go with Chavous's approach - it seems simpler. I'm curious, though, is there a way to edit the volume events by inputting the values numerically, rather than eyeballing them with a mouse? A new question - how do I apply an effect {for example, a chorus VST} into a note/pattern/channel? TIA and thanks for the help with the volumes.
  2. If someone could point me to a good, free soundfont or VSTi of a fanfare, I'd be grateful. Failing that, maybe a trumpet; a strong, powerful trumpet, the kind you'd hear at Roman chariot races in cheesy B-movies. Thanks in advance, Quinch
  3. 'ello, first time poster, aspiring remixer, checked most of the stickies, with a probably obvious, but seemingly help-uncovered question; How do I fade my notes in and out? In this particular case, in a Soundfont channel {by the way, if you can't buy FL SF plugin, SFZ looks useable and apparently free}, I want to open up with a low, ommmminous hummmmm, but the instruments, when plucked, sounds like BOMMmmmmmm, as opposed to a wanted bbbbooooommMMMM... i.e. fade in from zero to its set volume and I don't see a knob to do that with. Regards, Quinch
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