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  1. Hurrrr........so my ridiculous long absence was long and ridiculous (in b4 people who say "who are you?") but yeah I joined this site ages ago but then kinda forgot about the forums. <_________< However recently I finished a video game music arrangement album with personal remixes I made. Don't know weather people should think that this should be a WIP or a release or whatever, but I decided to post this remix anyway since I was bored, it's a different style of the song too *SLOW ALERT* The only thing I used was keyboards lol. However I put it in WMA file because I forgot / couldn
  2. Greetings, fellow Video Game Remixers. My name is Mario Murderer (aka MM). I have a huge interest in music in general. I am a HUGE Deep Purple fan ever since when I was 2. I'm 15 and I play a guitar, I can also play Drums, Keyboards/Piano, Bass, or any other rock instrument. I don't know how to read music, though, I teach myself songs. Some Bands that I currently like are: Deep Purple Megadeth AC/DC Queen Led Zeppelin Metallica (are OK) Pantera Marilyn Manson Slipknot Drowning Pool Crush 40 Hardline Axel Rudi Pell My favorite Guitarists are Ritchie Blackmore Steve Morse Joe
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