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  1. Now that Sonic 4 is out, I'd love to see remixes for it, especially for: Lost Labyrinth Zone 2 Mad Gear Zone, all 3 acts (especially 1) Splash Hill Zone 1 Both boss themes together Final boss together with Sonic 2's final boss theme
  2. I am thinking of starting a project similar to Project Chaos, except it would be a place for people to post lyrics to the background tracks in the classic Genesis games, as well as Sonic 4 eventually. There wouldn't be any one official set of lyrics for each zone, just a collection of what various people came up with. I already came up with Flying Battery lyrics and although I don't consider myself too great at coming up with them myself, I'm interested in what other people have to offer. Would anyone be interested in contributing to something like this?
  3. Most of us I think can agree that while Lava Reef Act 2 (Sonic and Knuckles) is a great track that sounds nice, peaceful, and whimsical, it doesn't hold a candle to the awesomeness of Act 1's music, nor does it sound anything like Act 1. Which made me wonder: what would a genuine Act 2 remix of Lava Reef Act 1 sound like? Anyone up for the challenge?
  4. Sonic 1, 2, and Knuckles have a credits theme consisting of music clips from throughout the game, but although Sonic 3's credits theme is awesome, what would it be like if it had a "remix" credits track like the other Sonic games? Anyone want to try making one?
  5. 0:28-0:54 in the original song is my favorite part - it always gets me really pumped up. I'd like to see a remix that really adds some energy and power to that section in particular. Oh and whoever posted the links to the already-made mixes of the song, great job, especially the 3rd one.
  6. I'm referring to N. Gin's boss theme in Crash 2. It's an epic track, one of the best boss battle tracks I know of, and it's long overdue for a remix. The only reason I don't remix it myself is because I know nothing about music. Someone please remix this epic boss theme!
  7. Someone should do a remix combining these two tracks, since they both have an Egyptian sound to them
  8. Seeing as Valentine's Day isn't far away, it would be nice if someone could remix certain videogame tracks and add lyrics to turn them into romantic songs. Some suggestions: Sonic 2 ending - actually based on a real love song called "Sweet Dream" but maybe a remix with different lyrics Sonic 3 Icecap Zone - this tune has been remixed to death but a lyrical love song is definitely in order Sonic & Knuckles Lava Reef Zone - already done with "Lover Reef" but should be done again with less cheesy lyrics (Lover Reef is still a great track though) Sonic & Knuckles Hidden Palace Zone Sonic 2 Sky Chase Zone Sonic & Knuckles Sky Sanctuary Zone Sonic 1 Starlight Zone Sonic 3D Blast Volcano Valley Zone (Genesis version) Metroid Prime Phendrana Drifts Metroid Prime 2 Hydro Dynamo/Super Metroid Red Brinstar - my ex and I liked the original tune so much we called it "our song" SSX Finished Symphony (Untracked)
  9. Requesting remixes of: The water dragon/armadillo boss fights Elizabet boss fight The first section of the level "Poisoned Blood" The section between the water dragon and giant dino skeleton bosses
  10. Can someone remix the background music in the part of the game where you have to escort Emma? On the soundtrack, the song is called "Twilight Sniping." And as a side note, does anyone know where I can find all the in-game music? The soundtrack mostly just has the themes from the cutscenes, and I'd like the in-game verson of Emma's theme better, it's just more relaxed.
  11. Remix the final boss music or Emma's theme from MGS2
  12. Yes! There needs to be an N. Gin remix, it's some of the coolest boss music ever! There should also be a remix of the jetpack level theme.
  13. Can you give me links to the ones not on the site? And even if there are lyrical remixes (like I said I have already heard Lover Reef) I'm saying there should be more. Someone should make a lyrical Metroid mix as well.
  14. I'd love for some people to come up with lyrics and/or actual lyrical remixes to some of the classic Sonic tunes. Here are some requests: Mystical Cave Zone Oil Ocean Zone Metropolis Zone Sky Chase Zone Sonic 2 Ending HydroCity Zone (act 2) IceCap Zone Launch Base Zone Lava Reef Zone (even though it's already been done with "Lover Reef") Death Egg Zone (the S&K version) Doomsday Zone Sonic 3 final boss
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