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    Quite the Rabid gamer and movie junkie (Plan on going into movies in later life). Absolutely love VGM and therefore OverClocked Remix...
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  1. Heyo! Today I thought I'd throw together this menu concept. Basically a remake of the pre-menu titles from the original Final Fantasy VII. What you guys think?
  2. I'm totally up for helping with Artwork/Trailer on this if its still needed
  3. I'm still happy to work on Artwork for this if its needed Might as well do something useful with my degree!
  4. If you's still need any Artwork done for this - just send me a message Would be more than up for it!
  5. I'm still up for doing Artwork for this if needed
  6. Listened to ClassicFM ALL weekend waiting it hear it. Totally worth it
  7. If you still need any Artwork done for Vroom let me know :)


  8. If you still need anyone to do Artwork just let me know. Can check my previous work at www.polareclipse.co.nr
  9. There totally needs to be a Wipeout ReMix done. Something in the same vein as 'G-Storm' by bLiNd
  10. I'd love to help out with any Artwork that needs doing Won't be my first time lol You can check out my work at: www.polareclipse.co.nr
  11. Hello Everyone! I've just finished making a Music Video for 'Bridge to Eternity' by bLiNd Was one of the later tracks in 'Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption - Final Fantasy IV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKCmKWjmtiA Let me know what you think
  12. I Envy everyone going SO MUCH! Can someone film it all? XD
  13. Thats where all the DERTY remixes go XD
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