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  1. Well, what do you know, you are right, the version of foobar2000 I had was foobared. It still has that same problem with the SOM "Secret of Mana Beyond Comprehension" song, but seeing as Winamp and iTunes gets it right, the foobar2000 program still needs some work. Come to think of it, I did recall reading about some problems with ID3 tags(i.e. how to read other player's malformed junk, some popular ID3 tags not being official ID3 standard ones, etc), and why the FB2k team didn't like them..... So that would sort of explain things.
  2. I figure this the place to post this.... Wasn't the 1-etc torrents suppose to have corrected tag names, id3 info, etc for a "lock-down"? Cuz a quick look through foobar2000 show some stuff that got missed... Have no id3 tags what so ever: OverClocked ReMix OCR01001 to OCR01500\Seiken_Densetsu_3_This_Heart_OC_ReMix.mp3 OverClocked ReMix OCR01001 to OCR01500\Chrono_Cross_To_Times_Once_Forgotten_OC_ReMix.mp3 Stuff listed as something other then "http://www.ocremix.org" under album and probably need edits: OverClocked ReMix OCR01001 to OCR01500\Final_Fantasy_9_MessengerintheKeyofBlack_OC_ReMix.mp3 OverClocked ReMix OCR01001 to OCR01500\Zelda_64_Awakened_Fears_of_the_Gerudo_OC_ReMix.mp3 OverClocked ReMix OCR01001 to OCR01500\Secret_of_Mana_Distorted_Star_OC_ReMix.mp3 OverClocked ReMix OCR01001 to OCR01500\Sorcerian_Cursed_Piano_OC_ReMix.mp3 OverClocked ReMix OCR01001 to OCR01500\Castlevania_4_The_Belmont_Chill_OC_ReMix.mp3 OverClocked ReMix OCR01001 to OCR01500\Xenogears_Momentary_Emotion_OC_ReMix.mp3 Other stuff noticed: OverClocked ReMix OCR01001 to OCR01500\Secret_of_Mana_Beyond_Comprehension_OC_ReMix.mp3 Genre tagged as "Secret Of Mana" not" Game" So it looks like only the 1001 to 1500 files were affected. Also you might want to for excess spacing, stuff like iTunes lists stuff like "http://www.ocremix.org "(with a space) shows up as a different album then one without the space. Might want to use something other then foobar2000 to test that, it just ignores the extra ending space. Only other thing I spotted was that a lot of stuff doesn't have any year-dates, but that affects both torrents. I figured I would point this out, since the recent lock down was to make things more permanent, and was planing to remove & reload OCR stuff onto my ipod. Sorry if my post is redundant or this has already been addressed, I did check for other threads, and I don't browse the forums here too often to know what is going on.
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