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  1. I've been waiting for this release for a long, long time. I've kept an eye on it and silently watched and waited. Finally, all that waiting has paid off, and I have to say...I think I might have placed too high of an expectation on this project....There were some tracks that were "nailed," but a great majority of tracks just didn't feel right at all. I'll go over several songs I felt had a big impact on me, positively or negatively. One big example was Holy Judgement, which sounded unfinished. I was expecting this remix to blow me away after such a dramatic buildup, but it turned into a very l
  2. http://www.esnips.com/doc/3231825c-e7a0-401c-b3ae-70efd73c3383/70---The-Ultimate-Show You can hear it there (though the first 5 seconds seem to have been cut). It would be great if someone could remix this into something more "modern" since this sounds too Mario-ish. Something of the epic/rocking genre would do this song well. The "bells" through the song would still be a nice touch though.
  3. I rather like it. Now if you could only make something similar for Incarnation of the Devil, that would be splendid.
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