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  1. So I've started a new remix project, and it's dedicated to Nanaki from Final Fantasy VII. Let me know what you think, it's far from complete. www.caseyvenn.com/music/Nanaki_Test_002.mp3
  2. I've been trying to come up with some new material for a while now, and I'd like to get some feedback on what I have so far. I'll be throwing on some new tracks whenever I finish them, so please check back when you can. Here's the link to my band page on Soundclick: http://www.soundclick.com/adventpusher You don't have to register to hear the track, but you do have to register to download it. Anyhow, lemme know what you guys think. -Casey (Chlorate)
  3. I'm excited about this mix because it has great potential. It's kinda bland, but it has the makings of a great piece. I'd just suggest adding more weight to it, like shifts in the melody, some background, that sorta thing. I really hope you'll finish it and make it as best you can. It'd be a nice addition to my Final Fantasy VII Remix collection. =D By the way, when I said bland, I didn't mean to imply that it isn't good. It's decent as it is, but it needs more.
  4. So I'm nearly finished with my Super Mario World remix, and now I've got another WIP that I wanna show off and get some comments on. It's from Final Fantasy VIII, obviously, though I'm not sure what to call it... So I'm calling it the Dungeon Theme. http://www.bestsharing.com/files/kX6kq308733/FF8_Shadows_In_The_Dungeon.mp3.html So guys, please, lemme know your thoughts on it, and any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch you guys, -Venn(dictive)
  5. Oh, man, I've done it again. I keep forgetting that you have to sign up for SoundClick. >_<;;; Thanks a bunch for bringing it to my attention. So, now I've got a new link. http://www.bestsharing.com/files/YpqA4L308627/Valley_Of_The_Shadow_Of_Bowser_2.mp3.html That should be a LOT better, or at least, I hope so. Now maybe some people will download and critique (or at least, I hope, =P). -Venn
  6. Thanks HoboKa, I appreciate it. I've added another version to my Soundclick, along with another song, but the other song is an original, not a remix. The second version isn't TOO much different from the first, I just added some ambience to it. I think it's an improvement, but not too much. Then again, you guys are the critics. Lemme know what you guys think.
  7. I do remember it being in SotN, or at least, I think I remember it being in there. If it wasn't in there as a full song, then it must have inspired a different song, because I'm definately remembering something. I'm so biased, though, because SotN was my absolute favorite of the series. Nothing since, in my opinion, compares. But in terms of music, they've all had great tunes. One of these days I would like to do a tribute C.D. That or get together an OCRemix project. I dunno. =/ At any rate, great song choice.
  8. Aha, that's very true. I've listened to it several times since that post, and I see what you mean. And actually, I just listened to it again, and it sounds a lot heavier for some reason. I think something's up with my audio card, because several songs have been acting up like this. I like it a lot, man, great job. I think when it's all said and done this'll be one of my favorite SotN remixes. =D
  9. Alright, a metal mix of one of my favorite tunes. I gotta say Tensei-San, you're track is pretty awesome, but there's something that's just not 'there' for me. If you do lay down some grand shredding, I think that'll knock it up a couple notches. The guitar's rather good, though it is missing some heaviness that I've come to love about metal music. I think you should put some weight into the guitar, if that makes sense. It's just an opinion, though. All in all, it's good, and I'll be waiting for the end result. Great job, keep it up. Or, better yet, "Ganbatte, Tensei-san!"
  10. It's probably not full... And God, I hate cheap tricks. I downloaded this one program (can't remember the name of it, but it sounded great!), got ready to use it, held down C sharp on my keyboard, and it almost blew my eardrum with this loud hissing sound. The program cost about three hundred bucks, but unfortunately I couldn't buy it because I had to pay for HOSPITAL BILLS! I found some sick irony in this. =/
  11. Hey there, OC'ers, my name's Casey Venn (also known as Joe Bryant). It's my first time posting here, but I frequent the site in search of musics worthy of my MP3 player, so I figured I'd toss in some of my work in this here forum. Mind you, I'm still learning this whole remixing thing, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. So this track I'm throwing out here isn't completely finished, I'm still working on it, but I'd say it's about 80-92% right now. That is, I don't wanna put too much work into it after this point. Not that it's not a decent track, but I think I'm gonna move onto another mix
  12. Sounds alright thus far, but you could do a lot more with this track to make it sound even better. I can't tell you what that is, as it's your sound and your track, but I do hope you work more on it.
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