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  1. He's had this concept in the works long before the final deadline. However, given that he's already done 4 songs for the project, I figured it would be fair to let him have a bit of extra time to finish up the other two that he'd already gotten a solid start on.. ^ this. In addition to what Emunator said, it should be noted that the both of us would rather release a quality product in due time than remove tracks or have alternate artists rush out half-assed filler tracks, even if that means waiting a while for the last few to be finished. Theophany's tracks are among the very best of the album and his 8-minute, 90% finished Stilt Village GBA arrangement is right up there in terms of quality. Might seem like a long/pointless wait now, but the end result will be entirely worth it. We've also been waiting on the artwork (specifically The Maverickk's stuff) and Drew Gourley, the video guy, to finish the final video preview... and for Prophecy to finish up Akuma's Enchanted. Even if Theophany's workload was 100% finished the album would more or less be in the same boat.
  2. @Ando: Thought I'd address a few things We're technically waiting on 4 tracks: Enchanted, Beneath the Moonlight, Distant Dreams on Stormy Seas, Deep Sea Lights (Ambient Mix). Emu already mentioned the scoop with the first two, so I thought I'd shine some light on the others. • Distant Dreams is pretty much finished & has been since February. According to Emunator, Theophany has a massive FX/mastering chain going on with Stilt/Game Over that he doesn't want to get messed up, so he's waiting to render a final copy of the track in addition to Beneath the Moonlight when he finishes the latter. Seems pretty promising given Theo's impeccably gifted sense of sound design • In addition to finishing up Stilt GBA, Theophany will be making a brand new Water World SNES bonus mix similar to what he did for Mama Bird. If his 2 minute concept demo for Water World is of any indication, I have no doubt that the actual track's going to be fantastic, so that's something else to look forward to! Also, thought you'd be interested in knowing that the upcoming video preview will be showing another portion of Intoxica, among other tracks. Definitely'll be worth the wait, I can guarantee that much! Not sure about the lossless preview download link. Doesn't seem to work for me either :/
  3. @Brandon: We just did that to get 'em all out of the way so we don't have to torment people throughout the whole album! naw, they just fit very nicely with how Emu and I were doing the tracklisting heh. I find myself listening to Disc 3 the most (mostly because I have an intense love for the original GBA melodies, which the remixes use in very appropriate dosages) but Discs 1 and 2 have some very, very cool remixes and even segments that captivate me upon every listen. I don't think I could ever choose a favorite disc.
  4. Can you define "each and every one of you" please? Wes and I did our share of the preview over 3 months ago (he synced 11 minutes of remixes with SNES/GBA gameplay footage I recorded to accompany the video). We've been waiting this whole time on Drew Gourley to make the preview really shine, and to be honest the wait shouldn't be much longer now (I know, I know, we keep saying that, but it's the truth ) 8-19 edit: Wes, why you no update thread with bonus disc icons?
  5. Nah, the upcoming video preview and website will be done by Drew Gourley, but I believe José the Bronx Rican will be taking care of the actual YouTube trailer (as this is the usual case with projects).
  6. Anyone up for some lemonade? (c-c-c-combo breaker!) In all seriousness though, Mirby, you'll be able to review the whole project in one setting just fine assuming you don't have any foreign distractions. The project flows very cohesively
  7. Well, DKC3 isn't "done," per se. We're still waiting on Theophany's last two tracks and Enchanted to be finished (shouldn't be long at all from now though).
  8. I win! On a project-related note though, the video preview should be fairly soon. Expect this one to blow the others out of the water
  9. The topic title is such a tease I would actually love a Mario Party 6 project. I thought the game had some pretty cool music (nothing remarkable, but not "filler" like one would expect) and I could picture some remixers rockin' out amazing renditions of the soundtrack. Too bad that'll never be a reality :/
  10. Well, my guess is because that's what the official DKC soundtrack labeled them as. Proof right here: ^ as you can see above, it goes Theme, Simian Segue and then DK Island Swing in that order, implying that's the order they appear in the game. Hope that helps (:
  11. Ever since hearing it for the first time, I felt this remix had a really homely nostalgic vibe that captured the feel of Azalea Town perfectly. Glad to see this one passed the panel! (:
  12. @Will: MMX has only 65 tracks or so. This project, including bonus tracks, has 74. So we're still fairly high up there. Edit: Oops, I meant 76. But that still proves my point
  13. The original Canalave City theme was my favorite from D/P/Pt (as in I'd deliberately go there to hatch all my eggs and run so the bike music didn't play). That said, to hear a ProtoDome arrangement of theme is honestly simply breathtaking. Now get to work on Frosty Frolics GBA you Protocrastinator >
  14. If that happens (which we all severely hope doesn't) we'll probably have to find someone reliable to do an extremely quick remix of whichever tracks are open. At least, that's what I suggested to Emunator. In all honesty though we're just going to hope for the best in the meantime and cross that path if it comes. However, on a positive note, all the artists are well aware of the deadline and promised finished tracks by then Jeff already sent his violin stems to Theophany, so he should probably be in the clear.
  15. Signs are pointing more towards "no" unfortunately. Emunator and I calculated prices while back and it's just too expensive to produce them He might be able to say otherwise though (the last time he and I discussed this was probably around February). On another note, I'm happy you're looking forward to the album -- there's tons of amazing music to be heard!
  16. According to Rare, Eveline Fischer did Simian Segue, Candy's Love Song, Voices of the Temple, Forest Frenzy, Treetop Rock, Northern Hemispheres and Ice Cave Chant, none of which appear in DKC2 under any circumstances. Robin Beanland's only addition to DKC was Funky's Fugue and we all know that didn't appear in DKC2, heh. So therefore, all the DKC2 tracks based off those from DKC were done solely by David Wise. I don't think it matters too much what the main OCR site says; even if it's slightly incorrect, oh well, who cares?
  17. He's really big on cereal, Frosted Flakes to be exact. But he doesn't want to cause an accident and cause a mountain of it to come out at once. So could you come to the rescue and make it for him?
  18. Anywho, I've heard some of the finalized WAVs and maaaaaaan, they are absolutely wonderful! Stellar work from both the artists and Flexstyle's impeccably talented musical sensibility
  19. I love how I click this topic's bookmark about 30 times a day when I not only know what's going on, but oftentimes remind Emunator that he forgot to update the project thread. Goes to show how excited I am in general that this album's almost coming into complete fruition, hahaha, and I could only imagine how excited everyone else is. But trust me when I say that everyone project-related has been doing an absolute hell of a job working on this album in general. As an avid fan of both the SNES/GBA soundtracks I can tell anyone straight up, 100% honest that this album truly is the ultimate tribute to DKC3. An enormous thank you to Emunator, Flexstyle and everyone else for shaping this album into what it's become; it's an absolute honor and a privilege to be on the project and seeing it blossom before my eyes has been a real wildride and an experience I'll never, ever forget. I've been wanting to post something like this for months so I figured now would be a good time since the album is so close to completion
  20. From what Emunator's told me: -Theophany will be done in 2-3 weeks -ProtoDome won't have a final product until June -Prophecy and HoboKa have gone AWOL for the time being But don't worry man, it'll come soon enough
  21. Oooh, Heart of the Cave... I can't speak for Rozovian (or anyone else for the matter) but the remix is absolutely wonderful. 8 1/2 minutes might seem like a long time for a remix, but please take my word when I say every second of it is fully warranted. It's sure to please fans of the original and first-time listeners alike! When I first found this project thread I was honestly a little skeptical at the thought of a DKC3 SNES/GBA soundtrack remix project (mostly because I hold both versions in such high regards and thought it'd be difficult for people to remix certain tunes appropriately). However, with the amount of high quality, true-to-the-source remixes churned over the last year, I've really been proven wrong. And it's my pleasure to admit it Truly great work to everyone who has helped with the project thus far, it wouldn't be the same without each and every one of you.
  22. It's my pleasure man, Funky's Joint changed my life. It has a power to it that no other song can compare. It speaks volumes to your soul. It helped me get through a near-fatal accident and transcend the physical and mental pain I was in everyday. I truly don't think there's a way I can ever repay you for making such a revolutionary track.
  23. Yeah, Monobrow's track is hot stuff definitely one of the album highlights (along with just about every other track!) Also, mv, Wonderfall is without a doubt of the most impressive songs I've ever heard. It's such a beautiful, creative and majestic take of the song. Even Emunator can vouch that I barely ever shut up about how incredible it is, heh.
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