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  1. I live in Colorado, I wasn't associated with the incident but a couple of my friends were. That being said I wouldn't mind the game that helped open the eyes of those that are ignorant to these instances of hate. People breed had into one another, it takes only one to take that hate and mold into something terrible. Unlike most I believe their actions were justified in their own right, but I don't hold those two responsible, no no... I hold their parents responsible for being ignorant, stupid, f#$@ing parents. Whatever it takes to open the eyes of these cattle like ingrates. They sicken me down the very core and I'll defend myself with words if I need to. It's the way I feel and no one here can reject that, they can just call it 'wrong'. With the above said, /raise hand I support it. When people realize that if they watch they can help or even circumvent some horrible things, that'll be the day for sure.
  2. Jesus, thats a crap load of stuff you guys got. My christmas got screwed over so lol. I'm happy to see some of you got some cheer out of it