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  1. Good ambient/vocal remixes don't come along too often. This is an absolutely awesome mix from SotC. The way the song sounds reminds me of the ice theme from Secret of Mana. And not to mix things up here too bad, but this track fits right in with my favorite tracks from The Wingless. The vocals are a definite welcome to a track such as this. The whole thing, put together, really gives you that "wow" feeling, as if you're looking at something (pardon the pun, please) colossal. Very majestic and very, VERY relaxing. Greatwork ceili and Sephfire. I tip my hat to the two of you.
  2. OK, I checked and didnt find a thread like this. So what's the christmas gift list like this year? I suppose I'll start the list 8 gb MP3 player 5 m.p. Digital Camera Random assorted clothes and ass-kicking t-shirts Driving Gloves Cologne of several varieties Money House Season 1 Silver Dollar dated 1899 (Sweet!) That rounds my list out, who else got cool (or maybe uncool) stuff?
  3. Oh man, where to start. I'm a fan of piano arrangements that are well put together. This song is no exception. The feeling is on a whole new level. As stated in the comments, the composer and player of the piano, Jormungand, has a very unique playing style. This song also has an added bonus for me, as I can visualize things through listening to this song. Picture this: It's fall and you're standing in front of a huge stone mansion. Inside you can hear the sounds of a piano, simple notes to start, but then more complex as the notes seem to rebound off of each other. You step through a huge wooden door hinged with black iron and begin to follow the sounds of the piano growing ever louder. Running through the halls, feet beating down on the cherry maple floor, the piano begins to reach a peak that almost makes you want to cry. You need to find this piano, you think you've found the room, but when you burst through the iron-wrought doors, you find nothing, and the playing slows down to an almost dismal level. Now it sounds as if it's accross the mansion. Heart beating faster, you blast through the doors oncest again, while the notes from the piano pick up faster and louder. Dynamic as it is, you're almost mad with delight as you burst through opening to find a piano... but no one playing. Your heart sinks, and you begin to leave. As you pass through the huge door entrance, you smile a small smile as the piano picks up again. So the chase is on... Perhaps that was too elaborate, but I couldn't stop myself. Anyway, that's what I feel about this piece.
  4. This makes for some *excellent* studying music, IMO and that's saying alot. I'm personally very picky about what music to play while studying. But to be more specific, the song has a cool feel to it at the start, like an ocean as the name implies. The piano is beautifully done and the orchestra sounds that are brought in shortly after really back the piano up in a B-E-A-utiful way. But then the steady beat comes in, strong but not forceful. It walks the line of extra and essential nicely, forging room for the rest of the song to expand an conform around itself into new ways. If you listen closely to the way the piano and other instruments are brought in, reverberated and tweeked, you can almost visualize yourself being brought to different depths of the ocean. Songs like this are a rarity, and this especially should be listened to in the dark with your good headphones on and your eyes shut. The feeling is just so much more heightened and you really come to appreciate the song more and more. My only complaint is the length. While I realize that lengthening a song like this would probably bring too much repetition, I still wish it were longer. Overall, 9/10 and a gold star!
  5. This is far from forgotten. I loved the original song very dearly. I'm dead serious too, as the original can be found on close to 5 of my 7 CD library of burned CD's. I wasn't really optomistic when I downloaded this new one because I didn't see how it could've been improved upon. Man was I wrong. The lightly introduced clarinet hits the mood perfectly. The orchestral swells... my god the swells... they bring tears to my eyes. I want to cry from happiness and amazement at the amount of feeling that can be felt in this song. I just... i can't go on. This song is beautiful beyond compare. 11/10.
  6. Very well done. I wish I could elaborate more, but my ears are still dining on the orchestral feast that is this song. Seriously, my brain can't process anything else right now because of how well this track was made. Piano is silky smooth, and the orchestra being slowly let in is exactly what set this track off for me. 10/10 and may god have mercy on your soul for being so awesome!
  7. This song will do nothing but calm you down. Don't take this the wrong way, I mean that in a positive light! Words that come to mind off the top of my head when listening to this song: Smooth Chill Snow Relax Soothing This is just a list of words. Take them as you will, but this remix is perfectly set to the mood it's title tries to convey. I love this song and applaud it's creator loudly for making such a smooth, ambiance mix. Keep it up!
  8. Hello all! The name says MasamuneX, but in alot of the other forums I post in, they just call me "mas". Not terribly sure why... maybe cause I'm a little on the passionate side of a few issues. But I digress. Overall I have a taste for orchestral remixes. This isn't including my fondness for the piano, and love of ambiance type music. That covers the bulk of it. Be forewarned, I also play DDR ALOT! So obviously I've developed a specific taste for techno/trance songs. Electronica doesn't really intrest me though. Final point here, my usual listening is classic rock. I was, however raised to appreciate all forms of music and trust me, that point has been well driven home. I look forward to some excellent remixes, and hopefully being accepted into this grand community!
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