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  1. "You need Rhino Skin to make it , in this world" You need Elephant Balls; if you're gonna make it at all"( Tom Petty).
  2. i NEED to get AIM down loaded! I wanna play too! *whah* lol
  3. what patzer? cute. I said Im 14-1500; you can define that as you please
  4. ^ thanks. Although I think this place is more for gamers, than chess freaks like myself. Ya. I'll poke around
  5. alright, after my stumbling introduction, I got slammed, and the treads locked. So maybe it was a good idea to look around, and find this forum. I just paly for fun, and am rated about 14-1500 on yahoo. I prefer blitz, 10 minute games are fine, as I can get thru openings quickly. Personally? I am a HUGE fan of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. I go to as many shows as I can each year he tours\ wnet to Gainesville "homecoming", and Atlanta, and also with my g/f in Mansfield ( great woods). I am a longtime poster on the Heartbreakers message board, and on the Bill Maher messageboard. I've heard
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