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  1. I'm quite a fan of Corran, in fact I do believe I was unhealthily obsessed with his works at some point, so my opinion might have a slight biased twist, but this one, this Escape Route, has made me so happy that I've let my mind run around inside my pants as I've listened to it. That's complimentary, in case you were wondering. That didn't say much, so I shall try and describe my feelings aroused by listening to the remix. I haven't played Cave Story, so the experience was completely new and full of surprises to me. The very beginning set the mood to what could be called "nastiness is about". I was a tad worried there, for I feared the nasty things'd crawl into my head and make a ruckus, just like the last time, but fortunately this was not allowed to happen. The divine flute-power of Corran came along accompanied by other instruments of (and for) great justice. Thereafter I can't remember much, other than that I was jamming in sort of an ecstasy with my feet above my head. Conclusion: This song might just be the AMBASSADOR OF LOVE the prophecies of Frank the Fifth told of.