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  1. I just remembered a boss I never, ever have beaten in my life... Is any of you familiare with the Parodius series by Konami ? Well, in Parodius 2, there is this secret level you sometime stumble into ( for no reason that I can tell ) where you're flying around this big ship covered with Maoi heads while the March of the Valkyries blares in the background. Anywho, the boss of this level is a giant Maoi head, femal, who spits out these pahlic shaped green heads. I never was able to beat her. Good thing you don't have too..
  2. I can't beleive I found the willpower to trudge through 20 pages of this.. I am tired, so I won't take any detours. I agree with most bosses posted here, and I wish to add another game into the mix : Y's III on the SNES. I might only be my young age at the time, but two bosses where pratically impossible for me at the time. The fire snake-dragon thing in some caves, and the last boss. I don't remember much, except that I have waisted a sizable chunk of my time on those two.. I think the fire boss is near the middle of the game, though... Gah, me iz too tired to think anymore. I'm off to bed.
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